Planetarium Stuttgart


This pyramid-shaped planetarium uses up-to-the-minute technology to virtually propel you into outer space, with highly realistic projections of constellations and planets, plus plenty of background on astronomy. There are a number of different shows, many with fancy laser and music displays. Show times vary; check the website for latest listings. English audioguides are available.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Stuttgart attractions

1. Schlossgarten

0.11 MILES

A terrific park for a wander right in the heart of the city, Stuttgart's sprawling Schlossgarten threads together the Mittlerer Schlossgarten, with its…

2. Mittlerer Schlossgarten

0.12 MILES

The fountain-dotted Mittlerer Schlossgarten draws thirsty crowds to its beer garden in summer.

3. Staatsgalerie Stuttgart


The neoclassical-meets-contemporary Staatsgalerie bears British architect James Stirling’s curvy, colourful imprint. Alongside big-name exhibitions, the…

4. Turmforum


Some of the best views of Stuttgart are from the the top of the tower jutting out from the main train station. A free lift (elevator) deposits you right…

5. Oberer Schlossgarten

0.34 MILES

The Oberer Schlossgarten is framed by eye-catching landmarks such as the columned Staatstheater and the ultra-modern, glass-clad Landtag.

6. Landtag

0.37 MILES

One of Oberer Schlossgarten's most eye-catching landmarks is the ultra-modern Landtag, a glass rectangle housing the state parliament.

7. Württembergischer Kunstverein

0.41 MILES

Identified by its copper cupola, this gallery stages thought-provoking contemporary art exhibitions. There are free guided tours (in German) at 3pm on…

8. Neues Schloss

0.44 MILES

Standing proud on stately Schlossplatz, the three-winged Neues Schloss is Duke Karl Eugen von Württemberg’s answer to Versailles. The baroque-neoclassical…