Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg, Germany

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Stuttgart's pride and joy is this central square, dominated by the exuberant three-winged Neues Schloss, an impressive, Versailles-inspired baroque palace that now houses government ministries. In summer, the square plays host to open-air concerts and festivals, such as the Sommerfest; in winter it twinkles festively with its enormous Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market).

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1. Württembergischer Kunstverein

0.07 MILES

Identified by its copper cupola, this gallery stages thought-provoking contemporary art exhibitions. There are free guided tours (in German) at 3pm on…

2. Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

0.09 MILES

Occupying a shimmering glass cube, this gallery presents high-calibre special exhibits alongside a permanent gallery filled with a prized collection of…

3. Landesmuseum Württemberg

0.09 MILES

An archway leads to the turreted 10th-century Altes Schloss, where this museum features regional archaeology and architecture. The historic booty includes…

5. Neues Schloss


Standing proud on stately Schlossplatz, the three-winged Neues Schloss is Duke Karl Eugen von Württemberg’s answer to Versailles. The baroque-neoclassical…

6. Schillerplatz

0.11 MILES

Cobbled Schillerplatz is where the poet-dramatist Friedrich Schiller is immortalised in bronze.

7. Karlsplatz

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A bronze equestrian statue of German Emperor Wilhelm I (r 1871-1888) stands proud on Karlsplatz.

8. Stiftskirche

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Topped by two mismatched towers, this largely 15th-century church has Romanesque origins.