Landesmuseum Württemberg


An archway leads to the turreted 10th-century Altes Schloss, where this museum features regional archaeology and architecture. The historic booty includes Celtic jewellery, neolithic pottery, diamond-encrusted crown jewels and rare artefacts. Time your visit to see, from the arcaded courtyard, the rams above the clock tower lock horns on the hour. Entry to the permanent collection is free.

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1. Schillerplatz

0.05 MILES

Cobbled Schillerplatz is where the poet-dramatist Friedrich Schiller is immortalised in bronze.

3. Stiftskirche

0.07 MILES

Topped by two mismatched towers, this largely 15th-century church has Romanesque origins.

4. Karlsplatz

0.09 MILES

A bronze equestrian statue of German Emperor Wilhelm I (r 1871-1888) stands proud on Karlsplatz.

5. Schlossplatz

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Stuttgart's pride and joy is this central square, dominated by the exuberant three-winged Neues Schloss, an impressive, Versailles-inspired baroque palace…

6. Kunstmuseum Stuttgart

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Occupying a shimmering glass cube, this gallery presents high-calibre special exhibits alongside a permanent gallery filled with a prized collection of…

7. Neues Schloss

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Standing proud on stately Schlossplatz, the three-winged Neues Schloss is Duke Karl Eugen von Württemberg’s answer to Versailles. The baroque-neoclassical…

8. Württembergischer Kunstverein

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Identified by its copper cupola, this gallery stages thought-provoking contemporary art exhibitions. There are free guided tours (in German) at 3pm on…