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Staatsgalerie Stuttgart

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The neoclassical-meets-contemporary Staatsgalerie bears British architect James Stirling’s curvy, colourful imprint. Alongside big-name exhibitions, the gallery harbours a stellar collection of European art from the 14th to the 21st centuries, and American post-WWII avant-gardists. Highlights include works by Miró, Picasso, Matisse, Kandinsky and Klee. Special billing goes to masterpieces such as Dalí's The Sublime Moment (1938), Rembrandt's pensive, chiaroscuro Saint Paul in Prison (1627), Max Beckmann's utterly compelling, large-scale Resurrection (1916) and Monet's diffuse Fields in the Spring (1887).

Recent temporary exhibitions have homed in on everything from pop art to Catholic splendour during the Reformation.

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