Must-see attractions in Northern Dalmatia

  • Caves and waterfalls

    Plitvice Lakes National Park

    Plitvice Lakes National Park

    By far Croatia's top natural attraction and the absolute highlight of Croatia's Adriatic hinterland, the Plitvice Lakes National Park is a glorious…

  • Main door of cathedral, Santiago de Compostela

    St James' Cathedral


    The crowning architectural glory of the Dalmatian coast and the undisputed masterpiece of its principal designer, Juraj Dalmatinac, this World Heritage…

  • Climbing in Paklenica, Croatia; Shutterstock ID 87656320; Your name (First / Last): Josh Vogel; Project no. or GL code: 56530; Network activity no. or Cost Centre: Online-Design; Product or Project: 65050/7529/Josh Vogel/ Destination Galleries

    Paklenica National Park

    Northern Dalmatia

    Covering 95 sq km of the Velebit Range that divides continental Croatia from the Adriatic coast, Paklenica National Park contains some of the country’s…

  • Teenage girl descending an idyllic lake at the Dalmation coast, named Dragon's eye - stock photo
Dragon's eye lake, (Zmajevo Oko) in Rogoznica, Croatia. Natural salt water lake in the middle of nature, not far from the beach. The lake is in the middle of nature and freely accessible to all. Many people take a swim there as well.

    Dragon's Eye Lake

    Northern Dalmatia

    One of Northern Dalmatia's most striking natural phenomena, Dragon's Eye Lake is a 10,000-sq-metre oval encircled by 4m- to 24m-high cliffs. Connected to…

  • Pozdrav Zuncu (Sun Salutation) monument by architect Nikola Basic, Zadar, Zadar county, Dalmatia region, Croatia, Europe

    Sun Salutation


    Another wacky and wonderful creation by Nikola Bašić (the local architect who designed the nearby Sea Organ), this 22m-wide circle set into the pavement…

  • Krka Monastery

    Krka National Park

    This isn't just the most important Serbian Orthodox monastery in Croatia; it's one of the faith's most important sites full stop. Featuring a unique…

  • Young people sunbathing on pier, listening to Sea Organ, Zadar, Croatia

    Sea Organ


    Zadar’s incredible Sea Organ, designed by local architect Nikola Bašić, is unique. Set within the perforated stone stairs that descend into the sea is a…

  • Krka National Park

    Krka National Park

    Stretching from the western foot of the Dinaric Range into the sea near Šibenik, the 73km Krka River and its wonderful waterfalls define the landscape of…

  • Colentum Beach

    Northern Dalmatia

    On Murter's northern coast, along the western edge of the Gradina Peninsula north of the settlement of Marina Hramina, is one of Dalmatia's most unusual…

  • Obonjan Island

    Northern Dalmatia

    The tiny car-free island of Obonjan, around 10km off Šibenik, has been transformed into a holiday resort, but one with a twist. Accommodation is in safari…

  • Kornati National Park

    Kornati Islands

    Composed of 89 of the Kornati's 140 islands, Kornati National Park shelters part of the largest and densest archipelago in the Adriatic. Due to the…

  • Sokolarski Centre

    Northern Dalmatia

    Dedicated to protecting birds of prey in Croatia, this centre performs a kind of rescue and rehab service for around 150 injured raptors each year…

  • Skradinski Buk

    Krka National Park

    The highlight of Krka National Park, an hour-long loop follows boardwalks, connects little islands in the emerald-green, fish-filled river and terminates…

  • Mother of Mercy Franciscan Monastery

    Krka National Park

    Upstream of Skradinski Buk waterfall the Krka River broadens into Lake Viskovac, a habitat for marsh birds. At its centre is a tree-fringed island, the…

  • Uljara Nadin

    Northern Dalmatia

    This fine place offers olive-oil tasting (including advice on how to tell the difference between good and bad olive oil), a tour of its production…

  • Roman forum and distant church inside old Venetian town, Zadar, Croatia; Shutterstock ID 218654365; Your name (First / Last): Emma Sparks; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: Best in Europe POI updates

    Roman Forum


    One of the most intriguing things about Zadar is the way Roman ruins seem to sprout randomly from the city's streets. Nowhere is this more evident than at…

  • Church of St. Donat, Zadar, Croatia; Shutterstock ID 98671040; Your name (First / Last): Emma Sparks; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: Best in Europe POI updates

    St Donatus' Church


    Dating from the beginning of the 9th century, this unusual circular Byzantine-style church was named after the bishop who commissioned it. As one of only…

  • Historic center of the Croatian town of Zadar at the Mediterranean Sea, Church of St.Simeon, Europe.; Shutterstock ID 698125786; Your name (First / Last): Anna Tyler; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: destination-image-southern-europe

    St Simeon’s Church


    While this 17th-century baroque church is pretty enough, it's what lies inside that makes it truly noteworthy. Taking pride of place above the main altar,…

  • Steps and walls of old fortress on the rock in Knin; Shutterstock ID 110537933; Your name (First / Last): Emma Sparks; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: Best in Europe POI updates

    Knin Fortress

    Northern Dalmatia

    Commenced from the 9th century and reaching its peak as a royal residence in the 11th century, this hulking fortress looms over the town from steep Spas…

  • The Cathedral of St. Anastasia,  Roman Catholic cathedral in Zadar, Croatia; Shutterstock ID 770384290; Your name (First / Last): Anna Tyler; GL account no.: 65050; Netsuite department name: Online Editorial; Full Product or Project name including edition: destination-image-southern-europe

    St Anastasia's Cathedral


    Built in the 12th and 13th centuries, Zadar's cathedral has a richly decorated facade and an impressive three-nave interior with the remains of frescoes…

  • Narodni Trg (Narodni Square), Zadar, Zadar county, Dalmatia region, Croatia, Europe

    Narodni trg


    Traditionally the centre of public life, this pretty little square is constantly abuzz with chatter from its many cafe-bars. The western side is dominated…

  • Telašćica Nature Park

    Northern Dalmatia

    Telašćica Bay, south of Sali at the very end of Dugi Otok, is a beautiful natural harbour with islands floating invitingly just offshore. The area is…

  • Silba

    Northern Dalmatia

    In the outer reaches of the archipelago that stutters out into the Adriatic from the Northern Dalmatian coast, Silba Island is a pretty detour if you're…

  • Nikola Tesla Memorial Centre

    Northern Dalmatia

    It's extraordinary to think that one of the greatest minds of the modern world came from such a peaceful and obscure place as the tiny village of Smiljan,…

  • Manita Peć

    Northern Dalmatia

    The only cave in Paklenica National Park that's open to the public, Manita Peć has a wealth of stalagmites and stalactites enhanced by strategically…

  • Museum of Ancient Glass


    It's baffling that a medium as delicate as glass could survive the earthquakes and wars that have plagued this region over the millennia, but this…

  • Kuterevo Bear Refuge

    Northern Dalmatia

    Founded in 2002, the bear refuge works with villagers to protect orphaned bears that are endangered due to traffic, hunting and poaching. From spring to…

  • Skradin

    Krka National Park

    Skradin is a pretty little riverside town with a combination of brightly painted and bare stone houses on its main street and a ruined fortress towering…

  • Grabovača Cave Park

    Northern Dalmatia

    Samograd, the largest cave of this extraordinary complex, has four beautiful chambers – the biggest is large enough to host a concert every Easter Monday…

  • Burnum

    Krka National Park

    Just off the main road from Kistanje to Knin, 6km past the monastery turn-off, lies the remains of the only Roman military amphitheatre in Croatia. Earth…

  • Museum of Salt

    Northern Dalmatia

    Nin's salt was prized in ancient times for its high iodine content, making it sought after for both culinary and medicinal purposes. This small museum…

  • Church of St Nicholas

    Northern Dalmatia

    This unusual early Romanesque church crowns its own hill off Rte 306 southwest of Nin. The small, pretty edifice was built in the late 11th or early 12th…

  • St Francis' Church


    The Franciscan monastery's mammoth church dates from the end of the 14th century. It has fine frescoes and an array of Venetian baroque paintings, but the…

  • Barać's Caves

    Northern Dalmatia

    The same karstic limestone that created the Plitvice Lakes is responsible for these vast caverns hidden beneath verdant farmland 15km northeast of…

  • Sakarun Bay

    Northern Dalmatia

    Mainly pebbly, with a small strip of sand, Sakarun Bay is one of Dugi Otok's prettiest beaches – although there's not much shade and the water's painfully…

  • Collegiate Church of the Assumption

    Pag Island

    Juraj Dalmatinac's Gothic church sits in perfect harmony with the modest structures surrounding it on the pretty main square. The lunette over the portal…

  • Vinarija Škaulj

    Northern Dalmatia

    Tours, tastings and cellar-door sales make this a fine detour just off the E71. The organic winery is best known for its reds (cabernet sauvignon, merlot…

  • Church of the Holy Cross

    Northern Dalmatia

    This appealing little pre-Romanesque white church, often called 'the smallest cathedral in the world' in recognition of its role as the ancient seat of…

  • Roški Slap

    Krka National Park

    Beginning with shallow steps and continuing in a series of branches and islets to become 23m-high cascades, this 650m-long stretch is a flamboyantly…

  • St Michael's Fortress


    Clamber up to the battlements of this large medieval fort for magnificent views – particularly impressive at sunset – over Šibenik, the Krk River and the…