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Krk Island

Krk Island (Veglia in Italian) is connected to the mainland by a toll bridge. It is Croatia's largest island, and also one of the busiest – in summer, hundreds of thousands of central Europeans stream to its holiday houses, campsites and hotels. It’s not the lushest or the most beautiful island, though its landscape is quite varied, ranging from forests in the west to sunburnt ridges in the east. Vrbnik, on the east coast, is a charming village away from the tourist hordes. The island's northwestern coast is rocky and steep, with few settlements, because of the fierce bura (cold northeasterly wind) that whips the coast in winter. The climate is milder in the southwest and can be scorching in the southeast.

You’ll find Krk an easy place to visit, with good transport connections and infrastructure. Rijeka Airport is at its northernmost tip, though flights only land here from April to October.