Krka National Park

Just off the main road from Kistanje to Knin, 6km past the monastery turn-off, lies the remains of the only Roman military amphitheatre in Croatia. Earth mounds lined with brick form the distinctive oval shape of the structure, which once entertained the troops stationed here. A little further along the road, look out for the two elegant white arches of a ruined aqueduct. There are also a couple of viewpoints for waterfalls in the vicinity.

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1. Krka Monastery

3.97 MILES

This isn't just the most important Serbian Orthodox monastery in Croatia; it's one of the faith's most important sites full stop. Featuring a unique…

2. Roški Slap

7.91 MILES

Beginning with shallow steps and continuing in a series of branches and islets to become 23m-high cascades, this 650m-long stretch is a flamboyantly…

3. Knin Fortress

8.66 MILES

Commenced from the 9th century and reaching its peak as a royal residence in the 11th century, this hulking fortress looms over the town from steep Spas…

4. Mother of Mercy Franciscan Monastery

10.88 MILES

Upstream of Skradinski Buk waterfall the Krka River broadens into Lake Viskovac, a habitat for marsh birds. At its centre is a tree-fringed island, the…

5. Krka National Park

11.11 MILES

Stretching from the western foot of the Dinaric Range into the sea near Šibenik, the 73km Krka River and its wonderful waterfalls define the landscape of…

6. Skradin

14.45 MILES

Skradin is a pretty little riverside town with a combination of brightly painted and bare stone houses on its main street and a ruined fortress towering…

7. Skradinski Buk

14.81 MILES

The highlight of Krka National Park, an hour-long loop follows boardwalks, connects little islands in the emerald-green, fish-filled river and terminates…

8. Sokolarski Centre

20.11 MILES

Dedicated to protecting birds of prey in Croatia, this centre performs a kind of rescue and rehab service for around 150 injured raptors each year…