Colombian peso (COP$)

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than COP$100,000

  • Dorm bed: COP$25,000–50,000
  • Comida corriente (set meal): COP$8000–15,000
  • Crosstown bus ride: COP$1000

Midrange: COP$100,000–250,000

  • Double room in midrange hotel: COP$80,000–120,000
  • Main dish in decent local restaurant: COP$20,000–30,000
  • Museum entry: COP$5000–15,000
  • Short taxi ride: COP$10,000–15,000

Top end: More than COP$250,000

  • Double room in a top-end hotel: from COP$160,000
  • Multicourse meal with wine: from COP$60,000
  • Paragliding outing: COP$120,000


Bargaining is limited to informal trade and services, such as markets and street stalls.

In areas where taxis are not metered there is generally an official list of prices although some haggling may be possible.


Casas de cambio (currency exchanges) and banks are ubiquitous in the historic center, especially around Plaza de los Coches and Plaza de la Aduana. Compare rates before buying. There are many street 'money changers' around Cartagena offering fantastic rates; they are all, without exception, expert swindlers, so don't even think of changing money on the street. There's a real lack of ATMs in El Centro and San Diego; however, there's a proliferation on Av Venezuela.