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Bogotá's main bus terminal, La Terminal, about 5km west of the city center in the squeaky-clean planned neighborhood of Salitre, is one of South America's best and most efficient, and it's shockingly unsketchy. It's housed in a huge, arched red-brick building divided into five módulos (units). Southbound buses leave at the western end from módulo 1 (color-coded yellow); east and westbound buses from módulo 2 (blue); and northbound buses from módulo 3 (red). Colectivo vans leave for some nearby towns such as Villavicencio from módulo 4, while all arrivals come into módulo 5 (at the station's eastern end).

There are plenty of fast-food options, ATMs, left-luggage rooms, (clean) bathrooms and even showers (COP$7000), and a PIT information center in módulo 5, which will help you track down bus times or call for accommodations.

Each módulo has a number of side-by-side ticket vendors from various companies, and these folks sometimes try to hassle you for their buses. For some long-distance destinations – particularly to the Caribbean coast – you can sometimes haggle in low season. The usual type of bus is the climatizado, which is air-conditioned. Various companies are not the best at displaying destinations, fares and departure schedules – the best resource for that is La Terminal's official website.

To & From the Bus Terminal

The fastest and most convenient option to La Terminal is a TransMilenio–short walk combo. El Tiempo station, on the TransMilenio M86/K86 line to the airport, is 950m from the terminal. To reach La Terminal, exit El Tiempo station on the footbridge to the right and then head right again down to the sidewalk. Walk straight along for 1½ blocks to Carrera 69 and turn left (between the Cámara de Comercio Bogotá and World Business Port buildings). Walk five blocks, passing Maloka on the left and traversing two pedestrian footbridges (over Calle 24A and Av La Esperanza, respectively), then continue on the sidewalk for 300m towards the 't' tower. Do not follow Google maps, which does not account for the footbridges and will take you the long way round. Follow the directions in reverse to leave La Terminal.

Módulo 5 of La Terminal has an organized taxi service; it has outrageous lines, but you pay by the meter. Rates are around COP$14,000 to COP$16,000 to La Candelaria or Chapinero Alto and COP$15,000 to COP$16,000 to Zona Rosa. Uber is usually cheaper. There's a COP$2000 surcharge between 8am and 5am.

Domestic Buses

For most domestic destinations there are frequent departures during the day by several companies; departures are usually half-hourly for destinations such as Medellín, Cali and Bucaramanga). Shop around for prices and departure times, as they will vary wildly depending on season, company and quality of service.

Expreso Bolivariano is Colombia's best national bus company, with comfortable buses. For online booking, PinBus (https://pinbus.com) sell tickets for many of the country's most popular routes.

Domestic Bus Routes

DestinationPrice (COP$)DurationMódulo (No)Companies
Armenia43,000-68,0007hryellow (1)Bolivariano, Magdalena, Velotax
Barranquilla80,000-100,00017-20hrred (3) & blue (2)Brasilia, Continental Bus, Ochoa
Bucaramanga60,000-70,0008-9hrred (3)Autoboy, Berlinas, Copetran & others
Cali60,000-70,0008-10hryellow (1)Bolivariano, Magdalena, Palmira, Velotax
Cartagena100,000-110,00012-24hrred (3)Autoboy, Berlinas, Brasilia, Copetran
Cúcuta90,000-115,00015-16hrred (3) & blue (2)Berlinas, Bolivariano, Copetran, Cotrans, Ormeño
Ipiales148,00022hryellow (1) & red (3)Bolivariano, Brasilia, Continental Bus, Ormeño
Manizales50,000-64,0008-9hryellow (1), blue (2) & green (4)Bolivariano, Palmira, Tax La Feria, Tolima
Medellín60,000-80,0009hrblue (2)Arauca, Bolivariano, Brasilia, Magdalena
Neiva30,000-50,0005-6hryellow (1)Bolivariano, Coomotor, Cootranshuila, Magdalena, Taxis Verdes, Tolima
Pasto120,000-140,00018-20hryellow (1) & blue (2)Continental Bus, Cruz del Sur
Pereira50,000-75,0007-9hryellow (1)Bolivariano, Magdalena, Velotax
Popayán95,000-110,00012hryellow (1)Continental Bus, Cruz del Sur, Velotax
Ráquira22,0003-4hrred (3)El Carmen, Coflonorte, La Verde
Riohacha100,000-107,00018-19hrred (3)Copetran
San Agustín65,0009-10hryellow (1)Coomotor, Taxis Verdes
San Gil50,0006-7hrred (3)Omega
Santa Marta80,000-90,00016-17hrred (3)Berlinas, Brasilia, Copetran
Tunja22,0003hrred (3) & green (4)Autoboy, Los Muiscas, Nueva Flota Boyaca
Villa de Leyva25,0004hrblue (2) & red (3)Aguila, Alianza, El Carmen, Cundinamarca & others
Villavicencio26,0003hrblue (2)Arimena, Autollanos, Bolivariano, Macarena, Velotax

International Buses

Expreso Ormeño and Cruz del Sur sell tickets for most destinations around South America.

International Bus Routes

At research time in mid-2018, buses to Caracas were suspended due to indefinite border closures.

DestinationPrice (COP$)DurationDeparture
Buenos Aires1,120,0006 days11am Mon & Wed, 9am Fri
Guayaquil335,00036hr11am Mon & Wed, 9am Fri
Lima472,0003 days11am Mon & Wed, 9am Fri
Mendoza1,030,0005 days11am Mon & Wed, 9am Fri
Quito450,00028hr11am Mon & Wed, 9am Fri
Rio de Janeiro1,275,0008½ days11am Mon & Wed, 9am Fri
Santiago900,0005½ days11am Mon & Wed, 9am Fri
São Paulo1,300,0008 days11am Mon & Wed, 9am Fri


The Turistren runs Saturday and Sunday from Bogotá to Zipaquirá, leaving from Sabana Station.