Santiago in detail

Money and Costs

Daily Costs

Budget: Less than CH$25,000

  • Dorm bed at a hostel: CH$8000–14,000
  • Empanadas: CH$2000
  • Bike-share rental: CH$5000

Midrange: CH$25,000–75,000

  • Double room at a guesthouse or hostel: CH$23,000–50,000
  • Lunch with fresh fruit juice at a cafe: CH$7000
  • Museum visit: Free–CH$4500
  • Short taxi trip: CH$5000

Top end: More than CH$75,000

  • Double room at a boutique hotel: CH$75,000–200,000
  • High-end dinner with a glass of wine: CH$20,000
  • Night at the theater: CH$10,000
  • Car rental: CH$33,000


You're never far from an ATM in Santiago. Supermarkets, pharmacies, gas stations and plain old street corners are all likely locations: look for the burgundy-and-white 'Redbanc' sign. Counterfeit currency does circulate in town; be especially wary of nonlicensed money changers.

Cambios Afex Reliable exchange office with branches around town.