Condoriri Massif is actually a cluster of 13 peaks ranging from 5100m to 5648m. The highest of these, Cabeza del Cóndor (Head of the Condor) has twin winglike ridges flowing from either side of the summit. Known as Las Alas (The Wings), these ridges cause the peak to resemble a condor lifting its wings.

Cabeza del Cóndor is a challenging climb following an exposed ridge, and should be attempted only by experienced climbers. However, a number of other peaks in the Condoriri Massif, including the beautiful Pequeño Alpamayo (5370m), can be attempted by beginners with a competent guide. The hike to the glacier is fun for non-climbers.

According to local legend, the massif is the last refuge of the biggest and most ferocious condors in the Andes, which kidnap children and educate them to become ‘man-condors’ and then return them to the human population to bring terror and death.