Must see attractions in Southwest Highlands

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    Hang Nga Crazy House

    A freewheeling architectural exploration of surrealism, Hang Nga Crazy House is a joyously designed, outrageously artistic private home. Imagine…

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    Kon Tum Museum

    This museum is one of the region's best, with good lighting and clear English text detailing local religious and spiritual life, including displays on the…

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    Ethnographic Museum

    This excellent museum takes you through the history of Dak Lak province, from stone tools and bronze burial drums to the American War and its aftermath,…

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    Immaculate Conception Cathedral

    Built entirely from wood, this stunning cathedral from the French era has a dark frontage, gold trim and wide colonnades. Known to the locals as the …

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    Minh Thanh Temple

    Built only in 2014, this large and splendid Buddhist temple, surrounded by water features and bonsai trees, sits south of the city centre. Its proudest…

  • Cat Tien National Park

    One of the outstanding natural treasures of the region, the 72,000-hectare Cat Tien National Park comprises an amazingly biodiverse region of lowland…

  • Crémaillère Railway Station

    From Dalat’s wonderful art deco train station you can ride one of the nine scheduled trains that run to Trai Mat (return from 108,000d, 30 minutes) daily…

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    Dambri Falls

    En route between Bao Loc and Ho Chi Minh City, 130km southwest of Dalat, Dambri Falls are one of the highest (90m), most magnificent and easily accessible…

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    Crocodile Lake

    Crocodile Lake is home to 200 crocs and is one of Cat Tien National Park's highlights. Getting here involves a 9km drive or bicycle ride from the park…

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    K'Ho Coffee

    This coffee farm has been in the family of Rolan since the 1860s. It's part of a K'Ho coffee-growing cooperative that ensures profits directly support K…

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    King Palace

    Built by a French merchant in 1929, the surprisingly modest but attractive royal residence of Bao Dai (1913–97), Vietnam's last emperor, beckons visitors…

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    Kon K'tu

    Nine kilometres southeast of Kon Tum, the village of Kon K'tu is reachable across the Kon K'lor suspension bridge and along a potholed road. There's a…

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    Ya Chim

    Ya Chim is the collective name for a group of eight Jarai villages that start 17km southwest of Kon Tum. In them you'll find traditional nghia trang …

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    Dray Nur Falls

    The biggest of the three waterfalls located on the Krong Ana River, the impressive 250m-wide Dray Nur is best experienced in the rainy season (May to…

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    Truc Lam Pagoda

    The Truc Lam Pagoda enjoys a hilltop setting and has immaculately tended flower and bonsai gardens. It's an active monastery, though the grounds…

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    Dray Sap Falls

    Located on the Krong Ana River southwest of Buon Ma Thuot, the 100m-wide Dray Sap (‘smoky falls’ in Ede) waterfall gushes during the rainy season. From…

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    Gia Long Falls

    Pretty Gia Long, 30m high and 100m wide, tumbles into a green-blue lake. After the ticket office, take the right branch of the forested road for 7km to…

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    Kon K'lor

    Near the suspension bridge across the river you'll find a large rong in the village of Kon K'lor.

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    Kon Tum Konam

    In the eastern suburbs of Kon Tum, this village has a large and appealing rong.