Lam Dong Museum


This hillside museum is a stampede through Dalat's history, with a side trip into natural history, complete with outrageously bad taxidermy, and plenty of propaganda. Highlights include evocative photos of the Ma, K'Ho and Churu people and displays of their traditional dress, musical instruments and ceremonial altars. Check out the remarkable stone xylophones dating back more than 3000 years.

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1. Crémaillère Railway Station

0.36 MILES

From Dalat’s wonderful art deco train station you can ride one of the nine scheduled trains that run to Trai Mat (return from 108,000d, 30 minutes) daily…

2. King Palace

0.57 MILES

Built by a French merchant in 1929, the surprisingly modest but attractive royal residence of Bao Dai (1913–97), Vietnam's last emperor, beckons visitors…

3. Dalat Flower Gardens

0.92 MILES

These gardens were established in 1966 and include hydrangeas, fuchsias and orchids, the latter in shaded buildings to the left of the entrance. Like any…

4. Xuan Huong Lake

1.35 MILES

Created by a dam in 1919, this banana-shaped lake was named after an anti-authoritarian 17th-century Vietnamese poet. It has become a popular icon of…

5. Dalat Cathedral

1.52 MILES

The gingerbread-style Dalat Cathedral was built between 1931 and 1942 for use by French residents and holidaymakers. The cross on the spire is topped by a…

6. Linh Son Pagoda

1.67 MILES

Built in 1938, the Linh Son Pagoda is a lovely ochre-coloured building that fuses French and Chinese architecture. The giant bell is said to be made of…

7. Hang Nga Crazy House

1.98 MILES

A freewheeling architectural exploration of surrealism, Hang Nga Crazy House is a joyously designed, outrageously artistic private home. Imagine…

8. Linh Quang Pagoda

2.37 MILES

Flanked by enormous coiling concrete dragons rearing out of a pond, and with a fabulously kitsch outdoor tableau featuring the young Buddha atop a lotus…