Dambri Falls


En route between Bao Loc and Ho Chi Minh City, 130km southwest of Dalat, Dambri Falls are one of the highest (90m), most magnificent and easily accessible waterfalls in Vietnam – they are worth visiting even in dry season. For some incredible views, ride the vertical cable car (more of an elevator, really), or trudge up the steep path, to the top of the falls.

A second path leads down some steep stairs to the front of the falls for more great views, and carries on down to the smaller Dasara Falls, or you can take the alpine coaster from the centre at the entrance to the falls. The surrounding complex includes a hotel, Ferris wheel and water slides.

The road to the falls branches off Hwy 20, 18km north of Bao Loc. Buses travelling between Dalat and Ho Chi Minh City will drop you at the junction. From there, you'll have to negotiate with a xe om driver for a ride to the falls. Expect to pay 150,000d.

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