Bidoup Nui Ba National Park

Nature Reserve in Dalat

Occupying a densely forested highland plateau, this little-visited national park encompasses evergreen and coniferous woodlands, bamboo groves and grasslands at altitudes between 650m and 2288m. It is also home to various primates, black bears and the vampire flying frog. The park is 50km north of Dalat and most people visit on motorbike tours. English-speaking staff can be elusive. There are plans to make it more foreigner-friendly in the future.

Bidoup Nui Ba has 96 endemic plants, including the Dalat pine, and nearly 300 species of orchids.

The pleasant 3.5km trail from the visitor centre to a waterfall only fringes the national park; to penetrate deep inside Bidoup Nui Ba consider other options, which include ascents of Lang Biang and Bidoup mountains. Permits and a guide are needed and you'll camp overnight.