Top things to do in Kincheng

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Maestro Wu Bombshell Steel Knives

Living under bombardment has taught the people of Kinmen to make the best of things. One place where you can see this done with unique aplomb is at Maestro Wu's. It's here where old propaganda-laden shells lobbed by…
Top Choice Historic Site in Kincheng

Kuei Pavilion

Built in 1836 for the worship of the god of literature, the elegant two-storey pavilion is surrounded by a number of stately Western-style buildings and a whole neighbourhood of old dwellings connected by narrow lan…
Cultural in Kincheng

Welcoming the City God

On the 12th day of the fourth lunar month the City God Temple in Kincheng hosts this mass festival. A parade runs down the western side of the island and you'll find traditional opera and dancing, fireworks and cost…
Historic Site in Kincheng

Memorial Arch to Qiu Liang-Kung's Mother

Qiu Liang-Kung was a Kinmen native who rose to become governor of China's Zhejiang province. He erected this Kincheng landmark in 1812 to honour his mother who chose to live 28 years as a widow after his father's de…
Noodles in Kincheng

Niu Jiazhuang

Different parts from a cow feature across the menu in this popular restaurant that claims to use Jinmen cows that have been fed a strict diet of sorghum wine lees. The perennial favourite is níuròu miàn (牛肉麵; beef n…
Seafood in Kincheng


This place serves up some mighty fine seafood – the usual suspects as well as Fujianese exotica such as stirfried sandworm (沙蟲; shāchóng). Weather permitting, management sets up tables so guests can sit outside and …
Historic Site in Kincheng

Mofan Street

Built in 1924, the buildings on this charming little street have brick exteriors and arched door fronts modelled after Japanese and Western architecture that was in fashion back in the day. There are about 20 shops …
Gifts & Souvenirs in Kincheng

Kinmen Folk Curios

A wonderful curio shop in central Kincheng, where you can find all sorts of ceramic bric-a-brac, crockery and one-of-a-kind souvenirs to take home.
Fashion & Accessories in Kincheng

Houpu 16 Art Zone

A century ago, shops next to Chen Clan's Ancestral Hall sold produce from all over China, while fishmongers and vegetable vendors hawked their wares in the square. The shophouses underwent a major facelift about 10 …
Chinese in Kincheng

Shou Ji Kuangtung Zhou

While Chinese rice porridge hardly makes an instant hit with Western travellers, this well-loved restaurant has been ladling up bowl after bowl of fabulous Cantonese-style congee for the past 80-plus years. Fried do…