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Within a year of founding St Petersburg, Peter – desirous of protecting his new Baltic toehold – started work on the fortress of Kronshtadt on Kotlin Island, 29km out in the Gulf of Finland. It’s been a pivotal Soviet and Russian naval base ever since, and was closed to foreigners until 1996.

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Russian maritime glory, Kronshtadt, Oranienbaum, Peterhoff

Peter I who started the Northern campaign in 1700 against Sweden that had occupied this territory for the last 100 years and in spite of being  defeated initially by Charles XII who was almost alter ego for Peter, being of the same age and character, found himself  in marshy lands of the former Great Novgorod city principality. His resilience and ability to learn the lesson and get up after being knocked down gave Peter I the opportunity not only to create from scratches the most advanced Army and the Navy, but also build practically on empty spot a new capital surrounded by fortresses and sea forts defending all approaches from enemy side.Upon arrival we can start from visiting imperial yacht museum. We continue through the lower park, which Peter I called his paradise and which with all the constantly flowing cascades and running fountains supposed to outshine Versailles. Along the way we see the Big Palace, Marly, Hermitage and Monplesir palaces. After going through upper garden we continue on land to the next imperial residence, built in Oranienbaum. We will visit Menshikov palace, Rollercoaster Pavilion and Chinese palace, which was built by Catherine the Great and is the only one, that was not destroyed during WWII, because it was in a pocket of resistances, which Germans failed to capture. We continue our trip to the other side of Gulf of Finland, but this time not by the boat, but by land transportation, because we will use the road running on top of the protective barrier to the former Kronshtadt island, wich is now connected by it to mainland on both sides of the Gulf of Finland.We would be able to see closed until recently first Russian Navy base located in the city of Kronshtadt, that just recently has been opened for visitors. We'll see remnants of the first little manmade island, which apeared during winter, when Peter had wooden logs dragged on ice and after crates filled with stones sunk built on top of it artificial fortification, named Kronshlot, by which no enemy ship was able to pass since then ,  because it was designed and strategically placed off Kronshtadt island by Peter himself, who waded through freezing water, sometimes chest deep to measure navigable depth of the Gulf of Finland and calculated gun range coverage to prevent unobstructed passage of Swedish ships. We would be able to see city harbor, dry dock and fortifications, that were designed and personally supervised while under construction by Peter the Great and his closest associates. And after that we visit recently restored Main Navy Cathedral with its distinct sea-world theme decoration such as dolphins and sea creatures, that was built to commemorate Russian maritime glory. Also we visit navy memorials of WWII heroes, such as of Russian submarine captain Marinesku, who was proclaimed Hitler’s enemy number one after the so called attack of the century, when he managed to sink the biggest transport carrying the elite of German Navy officers.

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History of three Russian revolutions

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: Smolny Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictWe see how the ancient history of Russia is intertwined with more recent one during 18-20th centuries. We look at the history of struggle for democracy in Russia in the beautiful surroundings of baroque and classical ensembles of the Smolnyii monastery and institute, which was the headquarters of Bolshevik’s revolution and Taurida palace, which was a seat of first Russian democratically elected parlament Duma and first Soviet of soldiers, sailors and workers deputies, that resided in its opposite wings, during the period of so called conflict of dual power, which latter was to be resolved only by violence on part of revolutionary sailors, ordered by Trotsky to march there from Kronshtadt. We learn about other events that started with plots to take power through murder and coup d'etat starting from the very foundation of the city to its Soviet past, those that shook the world and changed its history. Stop At: Tauride Garden (Tavricheskiy Sad), St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictWalk with me around St.Petersburg’s area connected with the most infamous murderess from Russia's gory history. We learn about appearance of the first Soviets, russian word for council, grass root movement, which started during strikes, when workers sent their representatives on the eve of the first Russian revolution of 1905. We start from Smolnyi monastery iconic baroque building built by Rasstrelly during the reign of Elisabeth, who was Peter the Great's daughter born out of wedlock and who could not be an heiress to the throne, but only suceeded through a coup d'etat. We’ll look at the grounds, where Peter moved his family from Moscow, including his only son prince Alexy whom he later tortured and killed because of his desire to move back to old Muscovite ways of running Russia . And we’ll see how this conflict between Westernizer’s and Slavanofill’s about the best ways to rule Russia, whether through democratically elected representative body of parliament or by autocracy was running throughout the whole of Russia's history till the 20th century, until Stalin finalized his Ivan the Terrible style model of personalized power in order to run centralized Muscovite Russia, first by removing all socialist and liberal parties, who participated in real Russian revolution, which is called second February's bourgeois revolution and turning Russia into a one ruling party country and then into a one man rulling party through arranging a murder of popular communist leader and his best friend Sergei Kirov in Smolnyi institute. We visit Starov’s Taurida palace and garden, seat of first Russian democratically elected parliament, which was built as a farewell present for prince Potemkin, a famous statesman and one of the favorites of Catherine the Great, who also came to power through coup d'etat, deposing and killing her husband. We see the whole ensemble and gound estate she commissioned and which is the best example of combination of classical architecture and English “Capability Brown” gardening style, which is possible only in St.Petersburg’s flat expanses. And we learn how Lenin, beating all odds, through his sheer determination to start the world revolution, comming from Germany in a sealed train and facing not only oposition within the party and his comrades, revising the whole Marxists theory in the process but also persecution, from provisonal goverment, when he was forced to leave the country managed to come back to Smolny headquarters of the Soviets in disguise to stage his own coup d'etat, which was latter proclaimed the third October revolution.Duration: 2 hours

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2 Day St Petersburg Shore Excursion for the Second Time Visitors

ItineraryDay 1: St. Petersburg - Oranienbaum- KronstadtStop At: The Oranienbaum Park, Lomonosov, Petrodvortsovy District, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictGuided tourDuration: 1 hourStop At: Menshikov's Great Palace, Lomonosov, Petrodvortsovy District, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictGuided tourDuration: 1 hourStop At: The Naval Cathedral of Saint Nicholas in Kronstadt, Kronshtadt, Kronshtadtsky District, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictGuided tourDuration: 1 hourStop At: Kronstadt, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictBoat ride to see old fortsDuration: 1 hourStop At: Kronstadt Fortress, Kronshtadt, Kronshtadtsky District, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictGuided tourDuration: 1 hourNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.Day 2: St. Petersburg, Smolny cathedral and palace, local farmer's market, Navy museumStop At: Cathedral of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictGuided visitDuration: 30 minutesStop At: Smolny Cathedral, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictGuided visitDuration: 20 minutesStop At: Cruiser Aurora, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictStop for taking picturesDuration: 15 minutesStop At: Kuznechny Market, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictGuided visitDuration: 30 minutesStop At: Russian Vodka Museum, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictGuided tour with vodka tastingDuration: 1 hourStop At: Central Naval Museum, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictGuided tourDuration: 1 hourStop At: Nevsky Prospekt, St. Petersburg, Northwestern DistrictWalk along the central streets or shoppingDuration: 1 hourNo meals included on this day.No accommodation included on this day.

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St Petersburg Private Helicopter Tour

Choose from a brand new Robinson R44 Raven II (max 3 passengers) or a brand new Eurocopter AS355 (max 5 passengers) or similar.You will also have a choice of route (all flights are allowed only over water area) :20 min - flight over St Petersburg all main sights along Neva river - complete route 30 min - flight over St Petersburg sights along Neva river; Peterhoff fountains; and Gulf of Finland45 and  (60) min - flight over St Petersburg all main sights along Neva river; Peterhoff fountains; Gulf of Finland; and island of Kronshtadt (and its' forts)You will be picked up / dropped off at your hotel / cruise terminal at time specified after confirming the flight.You will be accompanied by our English speaking company representative / guide. If you wish to have a general tour during the flight then you should consider your guide as an extra passenger.Please note: routes may be shortened due to heavy winds

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Half-Day: Private Tour to Kronstadt

Explore the northern shield of Russia and the maritime capital of the Russian Empire! Learn the history of the Russian navy on a fascinating tour of Kronshtadt, located on the Gulf of Finland close to St. Petersburg. Walk along the banks of Kotlin Island, visit the splendid Naval Cathedral and more.Kronstadt is a real pearl of war history of Russia. Founded by Peter the Great as a maritime fortress and naval base, Kronstadt once might have been a capital of the Russian Empire during the Great Northern War with Sweden. The port is ice-bound for 140–160 days of the year, from the beginning of December through April. A large proportion of the inhabitants are sailors, adding to the maritime atmosphere.Located on Kotlin Island, 19 miles (30 kilometers) west of St. Petersburg proper, the city’s main seaport, it is also the traditional seat of the Russian Admiralty. The first Russian navy base amazing defence system was founded in Kronshtadt – the naval Maginot Line.At the times of The Red Revolution drama Kronshtadt was a centre of rebellions, and the first anti-communist uprising in 1921 also happened here. During the trip you will visit the famous Naval cathedral with its magnificent both exterior and interior bearing no resemblance with any Saint Petersburgian church or cathedral. Discover the once closed district of Kronshtadt, St. Petersburg's main seaport and naval baseGo to the splendid Naval Cathedral, and learn how it was used as a lookoutWander the streets to see 19th-century architecture and more