Museum in Yakutsk

Permafrost Kingdom

Yakutsk’s quirkiest attraction allows you to experience the region's famously frosty climes even at the height of the sweltering summer. At Permafrost Kingdom two neon-lit tunnels burrowed into a permanently frozen …
Cultural Centre in Birobidzhan

Jewish Birobidzhan

A few vestiges of Birobidzhan’s Jewish heritage remain. Note the Hebrew signs on the train station, the lively farmers market and the post office on the riverfront at the southern terminus of ul Gorkogo. On the squa…
Museum in Tynda

BAM Museum

Tynda’s pride and joy has four rooms of BAM relics and photos (no English), but also covers native Evenki culture, WWII, local art and regional wildlife. Don't miss the 9m-long 'barrel of Diogenes' parked in the yar…
Fortress in Vladivostok

Fort No 7

Attention fort fans: Vladivostok teems with sprawling, rather unique subterranean forts built between the late 19th and early 20th century to ward off potential Japanese (or American) attacks. Sixteen protective for…
Museum in Khabarovsk

Khabarovsk Territorial Museum

Located in an evocative 1894 red-brick building, this museum contains an excellent overview of Russian and Soviet history. Galleries take you decade by decade through the past with fascinating propaganda posters, ol…
Museum in Vladivostok

Arsenev Regional Museum

One of the city's most fascinating museum, the Arsenev Regional Museum, which dates from 1890 received a recent makeover adding interactive displays to its three floors of galleries.
Museum in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Museum of Sakhalin Island: A Book by AP Chekhov

Yes, that’s really the name of this two-floor showing of Chekhov’s few months on Sakhalin. Look for the photo of Chekhov at a picnic with the Japanese consul and his entourage. More interesting than the untranslated…
Museum in Blagoveshchensk

Amur Regional Museum

A short walk northwest of pl Pobedy, this museum is housed in a former tsarist-era trading house and Soviet-era HQ for the Communist Youth League (Komsomol). Inside are 26 halls, with plenty of interesting photos, 1…
Museum in Khabarovsk

Archaeology Museum

This small five-room gallery displays tools and living essentials from early peoples. Pottery, animal skin huts, dugout canoes, a tiny model settlement and many early hand tools are here. Don't miss replicas of smal…
Museum in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Sakhalin Regional Museum

The pagoda-roofed Sakhalin Regional Museum has a 21st-century exhibit exploring the Japanese/Soviet overlap of the city’s history, typified by the building itself, which served as the home of the Karafuto administra…