Museum in Vladivostok

Arsenev Regional Museum

One of the city's most fascinating museum, the Arsenev Regional Museum, which dates from 1890 received a recent makeover adding interactive displays to its three floors of galleries.
Art Gallery in Vladivostok

Primorsky Picture Gallery

Vladivostok’s bipolar art museum’s original locale (ul Aleutskaya 12) has long been under renovation, but may be open by the time you read this. While most of the impressive collection is in storage, bits and pieces…
Museum in Vladivostok

S-56 Submarine

Perched near the waterfront, the S-56 submarine is worth a look. The first half is a ho-hum exhibit of badges and photos of men with badges (all in Russian). Keep going: towards the back you walk through an officers…
Museum in Vladivostok

Vladivostok Fortress Museum

On the site of an old artillery battery overlooking Sportivnaya Harbour, this museum has cannons outside and a six-room indoor exhibit of photos and many, many guns inside. English explanations.
Museum in Yakutsk

Mammoth Museum and Archaeology & Ethnography Museum

All that permafrost in the area has resulted in some of the world’s best-preserved mammoth skeletons. You can see some at this excellent two-pack of museums. See if they’ll let you glimpse into the Mammoth Museum’s …
Museum in Yakutsk

Regional Museum

A good place to delve deeper into Sakha culture, it covers local minerals and the region’s first Russian settlers to go with the standard Soviet natural history and WWII exhibits. Outside, there’s a huge whale skele…
Art Gallery in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Art Museum

This museum has a modest permanent collection of pre-Soviet Russian oils and Korean and Japanese textiles upstairs, and changing exhibits downstairs. Best is getting inside the unique building, a former Japanese ban…
Museum in Khabarovsk

Archaeology Museum

This small five-room gallery displays tools and living essentials from early peoples. Pottery, animal skin huts, dugout canoes, a tiny model settlement and many early hand tools are here. Don't miss replicas of smal…
Art Gallery in Khabarovsk

Far Eastern Art Museum

Lots of religious icons, Japanese porcelain and 19th-century Russian paintings are on display here.
Museum in Komsomolsk-na-Amure

Municipal Museum of Regional Studies

In a newly inaugurated building near Sudostroitel Park, several rooms of photos and knick-knacks show how Komsomolsk rose from the tent camps of original pioneers in 1932 to an industrial Soviet city. It also contai…