Ruins in Constanţa

Archaeological Park

Near the city’s main intersection, B-dul Ferdinand and B-dul Tomis, is the Archaeological Park, which has remains of the 3rd-century Roman city wall and the 6th-century butchers’ tower, loads of Roman sculptures and…
Ruins in Constanţa

Roman Mosaic

Located just behind and south of the National History and Archaeological Museum, a modern building protects what's left of a Roman floor mosaic dating from the 4th century that was discovered in the 1960s. The site …
Church in Constanţa

Orthodox Cathedral

Constanţa's Orthodox cathedral, built in 1885 in Greco-Roman style, is a beautiful building and worth a peek to admire the dark, sombre interior. In front of the cathedral are some ruins of ancient Tomis.
Museum in Constanţa

Ion Jalea Sculpture Museum

This small museum, just at the entryway to the seaside promenade, features the works of Ion Jalea, a 20th-century sculptor often said to be a forefather of modern technique.
Aquarium in Constanţa


This waterfront aquarium focuses on fish native to the Black Sea, including a large selection of endangered sturgeon, as well as local freshwater species.
Waterfront in Constanţa

Genoese Lighthouse

A peaceful promenade meanders along the waterfront, offering sweeping views of the Black Sea and a 8m-high Genoese Lighthouse located off Str Remus Opreanu and a pier, which has a fine view of old Constanţa. B…
Monument in Constanţa

statue of Mihai Eminescu

A peaceful promenade meanders along the waterfront, offering sweeping views of the Black Sea. Behind the lighthouse, a tragically poised statue of Mihai Eminescu looks out to the sea.
Museum in Constanţa

Folk Art Museum

This large and impressive collection features folk costumes, implements, household items and interiors of traditional homes from around Romania.
Museum in Constanţa

Naval History Museum

Fascinating if slightly confusing stroll through 2000 years of maritime history on the Black Sea. The exhibit begins in the Greco-Roman period, with some intricate models of old Roman boats, but quickly moves to the…
Museum in Constanţa

National History & Archaeological Museum

This museum is a minor disappointment. The stunning ground-floor exhibits of vases, jewellery and statuary from the Greek and Roman periods, lasting until about AD 500, justify the admission price, but the upper flo…