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Follow Rte 187 out of San Juan as it parallels the ocean and you'll know you're heading in the right direction at Punta Cangrejos, a small bridge marked by a sign saying ‘Bienvenidos a Boca de Cangrejos’ (Welcome to Crabmouth Point).

After the sign, you can veer off to the left to the top of the cliff overlooking the ocean; this is a popular drinking spot with fabulous views, especially at sunset. This also kicks off the run of restaurants and friquitines (also known as buréns in Piñones) – the food kiosks of all sizes that line the coastal road.

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Private Driving Tour of San Juan Highlights

Experience the must-see highlights of San Juan on this guided, sightseeing driving tour. Ride in style thru the Old City neighborhood and see the historical landmarks of San Cristobal and El Morro Fort, El Convento. Stop for a photo with your favorite president at the world-famous Presidential Boardwalk, or a run up the Steps at the Capital Building. You will also visit Hato Rey's Financial District, the Convention Center area, Santurce Market Place, among others and culminate the tour at cultural Piñones. These are the Districts of San Juan you will visit.  Stops may vary based on your preferences or time and day of the week. Old San Juan - the historical part of the city, home to most historic attractions, galleries and museums.  This is where the tour begins and you can spend a reasonable amount of time in order to take in its charm. International Convention Center District - home of the new Convention Center, which includes a fountain that plays traditional Puerto Rican music and Occidental classical music, an outdoor café, and the Convention Hotel & Casino.  In the near-future will also include more restaurant options, shopping centers, nightlife among other forms of entertainment. Hato Rey - the business center, hosting the main banks, Hiram Bithorn Stadium, Roberto Clemente Coliseum, Coliseo de Puerto Rico José Miguel Agrelot, and Plaza las Americas, the largest shopping center in the Caribbean. Santurce - a historical part of Puerto Rico and the cultural capital, a trendy place to hang among locals. Has two art museums, a performing arts center, small theaters around the neighborhood and the popular Marketplace. Miramar - a residential area near El Condado, known for expensive and historical houses. El Condado - this upscale residential neighborhood is also the beach resort part of the city and has many hotels and restaurants along its main thoroughfare, Ashford Ave. Isla Verde - located actually in the adjacent municipality of Carolina, within the larger metro area. It is closest to the international airport and has nice beaches, hotels and parks. Piñones - a humble and far from a fancy coastal area but very rich in culture, adjacent to Isla Verde, entering the town of Loiza. Currently one of the areas where the strongest presence of Puerto Rican African heritage is found. Famous for its traditional fritters such as "alcapurrias" and "bacalaitos" among other favorite dishes.

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Piñones Beach Sidecar Sightseeing Tour

PIÑONES BEACH approximately 3 hours Escape the ordinary tour and catch a gorgeous coastal ride in one of our vintage sidecar motorcycles to the town of Piñones which is littered with local kiosks across an 11 kilometer boardwalk right off the beach. We begin the excursion through Condado and head towards Ocean Park and Isla Verde, where your chauffeur drives down the coastal back roads avoiding the highway.The ride to reach Piñones will be about 35-40 mins and is filled with beautiful views of the ocean and ocean front properties. This journey focuses on the beauty of the Piñones beaches and charm of the nearby restaurants and kiosks. There are no high rise buildings or traffic lights once you arrive, just the relaxed atmosphere of a quaint beach town.Once you arrive at this local gem you will have about 1.5 hours to go to the beach and enjoy the calm waters of the ocean pools created by the rock divide, or leisurely walk the beach front boardwalk. The beach has plenty of private space where you can feel as if you are there alone and is very safe because of the calm waters. If you like you can purchase some of the best local street food in Puerto Rico or get yourself a beverage and just enjoy the atmosphere.Piñones is known as one of the best places to taste local Puerto Rican cuisine such as Pinchos, which are delicious kabobs of marinated chicken or pork grilled on an open wood burning flame. Another delicious treat is the Pastelillos, which are deep fried turnovers filled with various things like seafood, ground beef, and chicken, or Alcapurria, which are made from mashed yautia and green plantains and then stuffed with ground beef or seafood and then deep fried. Whether you spend your time basking in the sun on the calm beach or walking the kiosks and tasting some local flavor, this is a tour that should not be missed. Once you have had your fun we head back to your pick up location for a 35-40 minute cruise filled with beautiful skyline, ocean and city views. 

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