Must see attractions in Northern Highlands

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    Monumento Nacional Cañon de Somoto

    The Coco (or Wangki), Central America’s longest river, runs all the way to the Caribbean, but its first impression may be its most spectacular. Gushing…

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    Cerro La Cruz

    A steep yet worthwhile hour’s hike from the cemetery and embedded in a boulder-crusted ridge is the town cross, originally placed here in 1703 by…

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    Galería de Héroes y Mártires

    Be sure to stop by this moving gallery devoted to fallen revolutionaries, with displays of faded photos, clothes and weaponry. Check out the exhibit (with…

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    Casa Museo Comandante Carlos Fonseca

    Commander Carlos Fonseca, the Sandinista equivalent of Malcolm X (read: bespectacled, goateed, intense, highly charismatic), grew up desperately poor in…

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    Selva Negra

    If you’re looking for comfort with your virgin cloud forest experience, then Selva Negra – part family resort, part coffee farm and part rainforest…

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    Cerro Mogotón

    Nicaragua's highest peak, Cerro Mogotón (2107m) towers over the coffee fields of Nueva Segovia, close to the Honduran border. Once off-limits due to land…

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    Los Volcancitos

    This destination for wildlife lovers is where you’ll find the best remaining patch of virgin cloud forest (although deforestation is a serious issue),…

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    Galería del Arte El Jalacate

    Artist and naturalist Alberto Gutiérrez is, some might say, a bit of a hermit – but a welcoming one who loves showing off his orchid-studded property,…

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    La Bujona

    Surrounded by ethereal cloud forest, La Bujona is a wide wall of water that crashes over the rock face in various streams. It feels far from civilization…

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    El Jaguar

    Both coffee enthusiasts and nature lovers will be enamored with this fantastic private reserve with comfortable cabañas (dorm/room per person including…

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    Salto Estanzuela

    In Tisey’s lower elevations, just 5km from Estelí, is the inspiring Salto Estanzuela, a gushing 36m waterfall that careens over a bromeliad-studded cliff…

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    Santuario de los Milagros

    The jewel of Ciudad Antigua is the sensational Santuario de los Milagros, with its gorgeous brick arches and enormous wooden doors. Check out the Christ…

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    Pozo La Pila

    A small layered waterfall feeds this lovely, round swimming hole enclosed by rock walls. The water flows from a local spring, so it's clean, and unlike…

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    Mirador La Meseta

    This lookout point near Coyolito is perched at 1100m in the dry zone and offers fine views down the valley.

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    The lowest settlement in Miraflor, Coyolito is also the warmest and closest to Estelí. It offers magnificent views, especially from the Mirador La Meseta,…

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    Santuario Cerro Tepeyac

    Climb the steep staircase that disappears into the trees at the northern end of town to find the final resting place of Father Odorico D'Andrea, set at…

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    This friendly community is surrounded by coffee farms managed by three working cooperatives. Sontule families once worked for just four prominent…

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    Reserva Natural Tepesomoto-Pataste

    Somoto's 'other' natural reserve, around 15km to the southwest of town, is rarely visited but has a hiking trail and is a popular spot for horseback…