Mirador La Meseta

This lookout point near Coyolito is perched at 1100m in the dry zone and offers fine views down the valley.

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1. La Labranza

0.67 MILES

Best known locally as the birthplace of poet and revolutionary hero Leonel Rugama (to whom there is a small monument here), this small village has some…

2. Coyolito

0.78 MILES

The lowest settlement in Miraflor, Coyolito is also the warmest and closest to Estelí. It offers magnificent views, especially from the Mirador La Meseta,…

3. La Pita

3.05 MILES

There are not many activities for visitors in this village, but it has some fine homestay options and it's only a 30-minute walk from Cebollal. It's also…

4. Sontule

3.76 MILES

This friendly community is surrounded by coffee farms managed by three working cooperatives. Sontule families once worked for just four prominent…

5. La Perla

4.46 MILES

A fine place to immerse yourself in the collective-farming world of Miraflor, this small village is in the high zone, which means there are hundreds of…

6. Cebollal

5.07 MILES

The first settlement to cater to tourists, Cebollal remains the most popular. You can stay with one of many families or in more comfortable cabañas and…

7. Laguna Miraflor

5.65 MILES

The lovely lake that gives its name to the entire area has an attractive position surrounded by farmland. Sadly, however, the use of chemicals by some…

8. Pozo La Pila

6.16 MILES

A small layered waterfall feeds this lovely, round swimming hole enclosed by rock walls. The water flows from a local spring, so it's clean, and unlike…