El Jaguar

Northern Highlands

Both coffee enthusiasts and nature lovers will be enamored with this fantastic private reserve with comfortable cabañas (dorm/room per person including three meals US$35/70) and family-friendly trails (read: nothing too long or too steep) as well as strenuous ones through primary cloud forest and past coffee stands to spectacular viewpoints. Advance reservations are essential.

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Nearby Northern Highlands attractions

1. Yanque

2.67 MILES

About a 20-minute drive further north from Sisle along the road that hugs the lakeshore, near the community of Yanque, you'll find the Comedor Norita,…

2. Santuario Cerro Tepeyac

3.53 MILES

Climb the steep staircase that disappears into the trees at the northern end of town to find the final resting place of Father Odorico D'Andrea, set at…

4. Casa de Cultura Blanca Aráuz

3.83 MILES

This crumbling colonial-style building was the former home of local girl Blanca Aráuz, who went on to become Mrs Augusto César Sandino, wife of Nicaragua…

5. Sisle

4.77 MILES

On the northern lakeshore in the village of Sisle, local fisherfolk will take you out on boat tours to nearby islands, including Isla Ave (US$2) and Isla…

6. Los Volcancitos

9.72 MILES

This destination for wildlife lovers is where you’ll find the best remaining patch of virgin cloud forest (although deforestation is a serious issue),…

7. Cerro La Cruz

10.46 MILES

A steep yet worthwhile hour’s hike from the cemetery and embedded in a boulder-crusted ridge is the town cross, originally placed here in 1703 by…

8. Catedral San Juan

10.7 MILES

The beauty of Jinotega’s cathedral (c 1805) is in the sanctuary, where you’ll marvel at the chestnut and gold-leaf altar, and pristine white arches and…