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Travel in the Nicaraguan Caribbean is challenging and exciting, and the rewards – including superb scuba diving, epic treks through dense rainforest, wildlife watching and fishing in the mangroves – are huge. The area is officially made up of two vast and sparsely populated autonomous regions known by their official names, Región Autónoma Atlántico Norte (North Atlantic Autonomous Region; RAAN) and Región Autónoma Atlántico Sur (South Atlantic Autonomous Region; RAAS).

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$88 Outdoor Activities

Half-Day Nature Tour in Isla de Ometepe

This half-day nature tour starts with a pick-up at any hotel or previously designated area in Isla de Ometepe. From there, you'll travel to "Peña Inculta" a nature reserve where you will see groups of white faced and howler monkeys in their natural habitat. Also species like squirrels, iguanas and tropical birds as wrens and parrots.After visiting the reserve, you'll head to Finca Magdalena, a community and coffee farm constructed in 1988, where you will have the opportunity to observe organized coffee cultivation, and a hike in the nature to see petroglyphs or rock carvings.After, you'll have relaxation time and lunch overlooking Lake Nicaragua. The last stop is a visit to a natural water pool known as "Ojo de agua", where you can swim or relax surrounded by nature and the sound of the birds. The tour finishes with the drop off at your hotel or any previously designated area on the island.

$129 Tours & Sightseeing

Day Tour of Ometepe Island

Your tour will consist of visits to places like the Green Puddles lagoon, with its abundant and exuberant vegetation and bird life and El Ojo de Agua, a natural pool of clear water supplied by a river that originates from Conception Volcano. The next spot on you tour will be “El Ceibo” museums, the best archaeological and numismatic museum of Nicaragua. Also, visit Finca El Porvenir and see several petroglyphs. These stones, found on the lower slopes of Madera’s volcano, still bear the ornate carvings of the first indigenous settlers of Nicaragua. On the shores of Santo Domingo beach, you will then enjoy a typical Nicaraguan lunch.

$95 Outdoor Activities

Hike Maderas Volcano in Ometepe Island

Early in the morning, a local guide will pick you up at your hotel and take you to go to the south side of the island near Balgüe which is located on the shores of the Maderas Volcano. On this tour you will be transferred to the east of the island; from there you will start (with your local guide) hiking the Maderas volcano, one of Ometepe’s 2 volcanoes, hosting an extensive cloud forest and wildlife. The Maderas Volcano is a 1350 mts. (4,429 ft.) hike where you will reach the lagoon at the top of the volcano. This is a strenuous and long hike (averaging 6 hours). After your hike you will return to your hotel. Note: Good physical condition is required for this tour.

$100 Outdoor Activities

Maderas Volcano Hike from Isla de Ometepe

After hotel pickup in Isla de Ometepe at 7am, you will transfer to Finca Magdalena to begin your Maderas volcano hike. Begin walking through the farm community along the eastern slopes of the volcano. While on the walk, you will encounter several pre-Columbian remnants along the trail. The trail is rocky and muddy and the climb toward the Maderas crater is arduous; therefore, good physical condition is required. Continuing the hike, you will climb the steep slopes through the forest encountering white-faced howler monkeys rustling in the leaves and perched in the trees looking at those who dare to visit their habitat. Hiking to reach the top of Maderas will take several hours, but once you arrive be prepared for what awaits you, a mystical crater lake and amazing views of the island and surrounding landscape.Upon completion of enjoying the views and boxed lunch, you will begin your trek down the volcano's slopes back to Finca Magdalena. Upon arrival, join your vehicle for your return to your hotel in Isla de Ometepe.

$100 Outdoor Activities

Concepción Volcano Hike in Isla de Ometepe

The tour starts with prick up from any previously designated area in Isla de Ometepe and the transfer to the skirts of the volcano. Prepare yourself for an approximate 10 hour hike that will take you around the impressive and active Concepción volcano, where you will be able to admire the flora and fauna, and the beautiful landscapes.The hike starts at the town of Urbaite, passing coffee and banana plantations; be prepared for a though day of climbing but for an incredible adventure. In the last part it´s necessary to climb over rocks because the trail gets rough and difficult. Once you achieve getting to the top, the views are superb and you have the opportunity to see smoke getting up from the crater .Relax while enjoying the amazing views and environment, before the descent.

$120 Cultural & Theme Tours

Small-Group Tour of Isla de Ometepe with El Ceibo Museum

Meet your guide in the lobby of your Isla de Ometepe hotel at approximately 9:00am. From there, begin your journey to Finca Magdalena, located in the skirts of the Maderas Volcano. Upon your arrival to the finca, you will admire several rock carvings and petroglyphs as you listen to your guide tell you tales about the island. Next, stop at the mystical Charco Verde lagoon, located in Charco Verde Nature Reserve. While you're there, observe the flora and fauna of the island and keep an eye out for howler monkeys. The guide will tell you the legend of Chico Largo, a popular story for locals and tourists alike. Continue the tour to the natural water pool known as, "Ojo de agua", where you can swim or simply relax for a short time. For your final stop, proceed to the El Ceibo Museum. The museum displays Pre-Columbian artifacts, along with well-preserved indigenous statues and ceramics. Afterwards, begin your journey back to Isla de Ometepe and return to your accommodations.