Long Bay

Top choice in Corn Islands

This stunner of a beach arcs from a pile-up of local fishing pangas and lobster traps to a wild, jungle-covered headland at its far end. If you’re looking for a place to snooze and swim in absolute tranquility, this is your destination, although be careful in the water, as the riptide can be strong and the waves very rough.

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1. Quinn Hill

0.72 MILES

This remote hillside is where Spanish artist Rafael Trénor has installed a cube (the lower half is buried to make it look like a pyramid) symbolizing one…

2. Culture House

0.77 MILES

The museum in this wooden building next to the stadium won't hold your attention very long with its pictures of old beauty queens, preserved lobsters and…

3. Southwest Bay

0.88 MILES

The most popular beach on Great Corn, Southwest Bay has calmer, more sheltered water than at most other beaches on the island, though the area is more…

4. Mount Pleasant

0.92 MILES

Walk up the dirt trail behind the Sunrise Hotel in South End past the banana groves and you will be rewarded with panoramic views from Mt Pleasant,…

5. Ebenezer Baptist Church


This diminutive church with its singular tower was founded in the 1850s and is a local landmark on the north side of the island.

6. Jimmy Lever Beach

9.51 MILES

On the southern side of the island, this remote beach faces the open water, which has quite a few rocks. Scenic rather than idyllic.

7. Big Fowl House Beach

9.74 MILES

An easy but unmarked walk through the bush leads to this fine secluded cove. Pass the former Casa Iguana and turn left where you see a small blue hut,…

8. Iguana Beach


Really just the southern extension of Cocal Beach, Iguana boasts a solid stretch of sand as it is protected by the headland.