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Top Choice Palace in Kathmandu

Hanuman Dhoka

Kathmandu's royal palace, known as the Hanuman Dhoka, was originally founded during the Licchavi period (4th to 8th centuries AD), but the compound was expanded considerably by King Pratap Malla in the 17th century.…
Top Choice Courtyard in Kathmandu

Itum Bahal

The long, rectangular courtyard of the Itum Bahal is the largest bahal (Buddhist monastery courtyard) in the old town and remains a haven of tranquillity in the chaotic surroundings. On the western side of the court…
Top Choice Gardens in Kathmandu

Garden of Dreams

The beautifully restored Swapna Bagaicha (Garden of Dreams) remains one of the most serene and beautiful enclaves in Kathmandu. It's two minutes' walk and a million miles from central Thamel.
Top Choice Square in Kathmandu

Asan Tole

From dawn until dusk the six-spoked junction of Asan Tole is jammed with vegetable and spice vendors selling everything from yak tails to dried fish. It’s the busiest square in the city and a fascinating place to li…
Top Choice International in Kathmandu

Kaiser Cafe

This cafe-restaurant in the Garden of Dreams is run by Dwarika’s so quality is high. It’s a fine place for a light meal (such as savoury crêpes or build-your-own sandwiches), a quiet breakfast or to linger over a po…
Top Choice Indian in Kathmandu

Third Eye

This long-running favourite is popular with well-heeled tourists. Indian food is the speciality and the tandoori dishes are especially good, even if the portions are a bit small. Spice levels are set at ‘tourist’ so…
Top Choice Pizza in Kathmandu

Fire & Ice Pizzeria

This excellent and informal Italian place serves the best pizzas in Kathmandu (wholewheat crusts available, as well as combo pizzas), alongside breakfasts, smoothies, crespelle (savoury crêpes) and good espresso, al…
Top Choice International in Kathmandu

Gaia Restaurant

This popular and dependable place combines good breakfasts, salads, sandwiches and organic coffee in a pleasant garden courtyard with global music, reasonable prices (tax included) and good service. The Thai red cur…
Top Choice Square in Kathmandu

Indra Chowk

The busy street of Makhan Tole spills into Indra Chowk, the courtyard named after the ancient Vedic deity, Indra. Locals crowd around the square’s newspaper sellers, scanning the day’s news. Indra Chowk is tradition…
Historic Site in Kathmandu

Durbar Square

Kathmandu’s Durbar Sq was where the city’s kings were once crowned and legitimised, and from where they ruled (‘durbar’ means palace). As such, the square remains the traditional heart of the old town and Kathmandu’…