Bishkek attractions

Top Choice Gallery in Bishkek

State Museum of Fine Arts

Collections of Kyrgyz embroidery and felt rugs, a splendid variety of paintings, and rotating exhibitions of local and international touring works all make a visit here worthwhile. Last entrance 5.30pm.
Square in Bishkek

Ala-Too Square

Surveyed by a triumphant statue of Айкол Манас (Mighty Manas), Bishkek's nominal centre is architecturally neobrutalist in style but has a photogenic quality – especially when slowly goose-stepping soldiers change t…
Park in Bishkek

Dubovy Park

Where wide, green Erkindik (Freedom) Ave enters this pleasant central park, artists sell a range of locally themed paintings. There's a small open-air sculpture garden amid the oaks behind the statue of Kurmanjan Da…
Bazaar in Bishkek

Osh Bazaar

Bishkek's most central bazaar has a certain compulsive interest and is an important city landmark. For traditional Kyrgyz clothes, including white imitation-felt ak kalpak hats (80som) and colourful shepherds' chest…
Gallery in Bishkek

Nissa Art Salon

Originally built as the St Nicholas Cathedral, the steeple was removed and this space converted to an art museum during the Soviet period. The building still hosts rotating exhibits of local artists that change ever…
Gallery in Bishkek

Art Group 705

Well-curated irregular exhibitions on a wide variety of themes and a grungy hipster-chic space make this a great stop for art seekers. Go through the gate at Bokonbaev 149 and then circle around back to the door mar…
Gallery in Bishkek

Gallery M

This one-room gallery hosts rotating thematic exhibitions of works primarily by local artists. Much of it is for sale, and there is a handful of applied-art souvenirs, as well. Enter directly from the corner of Chuy…
Bazaar in Bishkek

Dordoi Bazaar

This bazaar built primarily of repurposed shipping has shrunk somewhat since Kyrgyzstan joined the Eurasian Customs Union, but is still an atmospheric evocation of the modern Silk Road trade.
Park in Bishkek

Panfilov Park

Packed with amusements and carnival rides, this city-centre park is particularly pleasant and popular with local families on summer weekends.
Historic Site in Bishkek

Kuznechnaya Fortress

All but disappeared now, this historic Кузнечная крепость (Blacksmith's fortress) site was the location of an early-1800s Kokhand fortification, built amidst a much older Silk Road settlement known as Jul. The hill …