Almaty attractions

Top Choice Museum in Almaty

Central State Museum

Almaty’s best museum takes you through Kazakhstan’s history from Bronze Age burials and nomadic culture to WWII sacrifices, telecommunications and the transfer of the capital to Nur-Sultan, with many beautiful artef…
Top Choice Hill in Almaty


This 1100m hill on the city’s southeast edge is crowned by a 372m-high TV tower visible from far and wide, and affords great views over the city and the mountains, plus an assortment of attractions at the top. The e…
Top Choice Museum in Almaty

Kazakhstan Museum of Arts

This is the best art collection in the country, with Kazakh, Russian and some Western European art and a room of top-class modern Kazakh handicrafts, with much explanatory material in English. Particularly interesti…
Top Choice Museum in Almaty

Kazakh Museum of Folk Musical Instruments

In a striking 1908 wooden building (designed by cathedral architect Zenkov) at the east end of Panfilov Park, the city’s most original museum is a must for musicians. As well as a fine collection of traditional Kaza…
Plaza in Almaty

Respublika Alany

This broad, Soviet-created ceremonial square provides a panoramic view of the snowcapped mountains on a clear morning and is surrounded by several landmark buildings and monuments.
Market in Almaty

Green Market

This large, two-level market has a true flavour of Central Asia, and is worth putting on your itinerary even if you're not really food shopping. It's been somewhat sanitised in recent years, but its stalls are still…
Park in Almaty

Panfilov Park

This large and attractive rectangle of greenery is one of central Almaty's most popular strolling and hangout places for all ages. At its heart stands the candy-coloured Zenkov Cathedral.
Memorial in Almaty

WWII War Memorial

This dramatic socialist-realism memorial in Panfilov Park depicts soldiers from all 15 Soviet republics bursting out of a map of the USSR. An eternal flame honouring the fallen of 1917–20 (the Civil War) and 1941–45…
Cable Car in Almaty

Kök-Töbe Cable Car

This smooth, gleaming cable car runs from beside the Palace of the Republic up to Kök-Töbe hill on the southeast edge of Almaty, taking six minutes to glide high above the city. Great for views; less great for peopl…
Street in Almaty

Zhibek Zholy

The pedestrianised stretch of this street in the lower, northern, part of the centre is Almaty’s (sort of) version of Moscow’s Arbat. It's dotted with inexpensive cafes, a few buskers and kitsch art stands.