Must-see attractions in Outback Queensland

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    Qantas Founders Outback Museum

    Qantas Founders Outback Museum houses a life-size replica of an Avro 504K, the first aircraft owned by the fledgling airline. Interactive multimedia and…

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    Combo Waterhole

    Combo Waterhole, 132km northwest of Winton and 13km south of Kynuna, is widely believed to be the place that inspired Banjo Paterson's famous bush ballad,…

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    Diamantina National Park

    The homeland of the Maiawali and Karuwali Indigenous peoples, Diamantina was a cattle station from the 19th century until it became a national park in…

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    Outback at Isa

    The award-winning Outback at Isa combines the visitor centre and booking office with three of Isa's major attractions. The Hard Times Mine is an authentic…

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    Waltzing Matilda Centre

    After the original centre burned to the ground in 2015, this hugely impressive rebuilt museum reopened in 2018. The displays on Banjo Paterson's iconic…

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    Charleville Bilby Experience

    This interpretive centre offers a rare opportunity to learn about the native marsupial bilby and the long-running captive breeding and conservation…

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    Walkabout Creek Hotel

    It's 30 years since Crocodile Dundee hit the screens but the McKinlay pub, aka Walkabout Creek Hotel, is still trading off its success. Stop in for a cold…

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    City Lookout

    Everyone should make the short trip up to the City Lookout for excellent 360-degree views of Mt Isa. The best time is sunset, when the smelter stacks are…

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    Tree of Knowledge Memorial

    This $5-million contemporary art installation outside the train station – labelled an ‘upside down milk crate’ by one disgruntled local – is best seen at…

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    Hard Times Mine

    Get kitted out in mining attire and a head lamp at the Hard Times Mine. On this 2½-hour tour, often guided by former miners, you descend into a purpose…

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    Munga-Thirri National Park

    The waterless Simpson Desert occupies a massive 200,000 sq km of central Australia and stretches across the Queensland, Northern Territory and South…

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    Kronosaurus Korner

    Richmond's undisputed highlight is this museum and visitor centre, housing Australia's best collection of marine fossils, most found by local landholders…

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    Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum

    This outstanding dinosaur fossil museum, about 15km east of Winton, is set atop a rugged plateau known as the 'Jump Up'. There are two sides to the…

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    Bladensburg National Park

    One of the more accessible national parks in Outback Queensland, Bladensburg lies south of Winton and can be visited on a half-day drive from there. Pick…

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    Welford National Park

    If your defining image of the outback is red sand dunes, red-rock escarpments, billabongs and spinifex plains, you might be thinking of Welford. West of…

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    John Flynn Place Museum

    This outstanding museum celebrates Dr John Flynn’s work setting up the invaluable and groundbreaking Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS), which gave hope…

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    Lochern National Park

    Classic Outback Queensland scenery is Lochern's signature: grassy plains that turn yellow during drought; gidgee plains as hot and bare as anvils;…

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    Dinosaur Stampede National Monument

    About 110km southwest of Winton is the startling Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry, where you’ll see dinosaur footprints fossilised in a prehistoric stream…

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    Porcupine Gorge National Park

    Porcupine Gorge National Park is an oasis in the dry country 70km (by sealed road) north of Hughenden. The best spot is Pyramid Lookout; you can camp here…