Dinosaur Stampede National Monument

Outback Queensland

About 110km southwest of Winton is the startling Dinosaur Stampede at Lark Quarry, where you’ll see dinosaur footprints fossilised in a prehistoric stream bed beneath a sheltered walkway. It requires some imagination and a guided tour to picture what happened in that dinosaur stampede some 95 million years ago, but it's nonetheless a fascinating experience. The complex includes interpretive displays explaining local geology and history. Visits are by guided tour only (9.30am, 11am, noon, 1pm, 2pm and 3pm).

There are some interesting walking trails behind the complex. There are no facilities to stay or eat, but it’s a well-signposted drive on the partly unsealed Winton–Jundah road, suitable for 2WD vehicles in the Dry (allow 1½ hours from Winton). Matilda Country Tours runs half-day trips here daily.