Kronosaurus Korner

Outback Queensland

Richmond's undisputed highlight is this museum and visitor centre, housing Australia's best collection of marine fossils, most found by local landholders. Pride of place goes to an almost complete 4.25m pliosaur skeleton – one of Australia's best-preserved vertebrate fossils – and to a partial skeleton of Kronosaurus queenslandicus, the largest known marine reptile to have lived here. Other complete fossils include prehistoric turtles and sharks. There's also a fossil preparation laboratory where you can sometimes see resident palaeontologists at work.

There's a cafe in the complex, as well as tourist information. You can hire maps and fossil-finding equipment, or join one of the two-hour guided digs (adult/child $30/25) at 3pm on Tuesday and Thursday from May to September. There's also the annual Big Dig in July, when you can apply to join a paleontologist on a dig.

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