You're headed out to see the best of the US and your dog is coming along with you. 

In celebration of International Dog Day on August 26, 2022, we've compiled a list of US destinations where your pooch is always welcome. 

These are the top 17 destinations as told to us by local experts with top intel, advice and best practices for traveling with your four-legged best friend.

Jamie Lea and her dog Shade Lea
Jamie Lea and her dog Shade Lea © Jamie Lea

Los Angeles with Jamie Lea and her dog: Shade Lea (European Doberman)

Location: I am originally from Efland, NC. I am now based in Los Angeles, CA. 

The perfect weekend with my dog: The perfect day with Shade is starting our mornings off with breakfast, a 15-30min training session and then to the beach!! I love the beaches here in LA and I am so blessed to have Shade enjoy the views with me. He is a water boy so it makes it that much more fun to play fetch and relax while enjoying the sun. Shade LOVES to sunbathe so it's perfect for the two of us. 

After the beach, I like to feed, enjoy the puppy naps and then go on summer walks with him around the neighborhood. He is a huge 'peoples' dog so he gets a lot of love and attention. 

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: I love taking Shade with me almost everywhere I go. I like to challenge his 'chill' and patience while being outdoors near other dogs and food. He always succeeds. Our favorite local dog-friendly restaurants are Kalaveras (birria tacos), Tribal Cafe (either the 'berry me alive' smoothie or their classic acai bowl), Janga (Oxtail and plantains) and Neighbor (yummy pancakes with fruit!!).

Top tips for traveling with your pup: I love to always have the following while traveling in the car (short or long travels) with Shade:

  • Seat covers
  • Water and a travel water bowl 
  • Poop bags
  • Favorite toy + 1 treat 
  • Good music and vibes! 
  • I usually take shades 'diaper bag' (yes...he has an actual diaper bag) with me everywhere. I just like to be prepared and make sure Shade is well taken care of in any event! Dog momma to the max!

Some tips that make travel easier are to make sure Shade is fed and taken out to potty before hitting the road. I also make sure to have the leash seat belt (aka seat belt teather). Shade gets SUPER excited and is very much my shadow or velcro dog, so he likes to be touching and close. The seat belt keeps him safely secured in the back so that he cannot jump to the front seat while driving. Lastly, I make sure to call ahead to restaurants to double-check that they are accepting of my pet! 

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Kristen Radaich with her dogs, Hercules and Cool Whip
Kristen Radaich with her dogs, Hercules and Cool Whip © Kristen Radaich

Superstition Mountains and Phoenix, Arizona with Kristen Radaich and her dogs: Hercules and Cool Whip (American pit bull terriers)

Location: I grew up in northern Minnesota, moved to Arizona for 15 years, and now live and travel in my campervan full time.

The perfect weekend with my dogs: A perfect weekend starts with a sunrise hike along Willow Springs Trail in the Goldfield Mountains or Hackberry Springs Trail in the Superstition Mountains. On the way home, we stop for coffee and pup cups. In the afternoon, we’ll visit dog-friendly breweries, such as Goldwater or Fate.

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: My favorite Phoenix dog-friendly restaurant is OHSO Brewery—there are several around the valley and they have the best patios! I love their AZ Burger and anything from their brunch menu, plus they have free homemade dog treats. Black Rock Coffee is my favorite place to get myself a coffee and treats for the dogs—they add a dog biscuit to their whipped cream pup cups.

Top tips for traveling with your pup: Skip the national parks and head to national forests and state parks—they’re less crowded and much more dog friendly! Get a dog bed your pup can take everywhere (home, vehicle, outside) so they always have a spot to relax and feel at home.

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Victoria Vaden and her family
Victoria Vaden and her family © Victoria Vaden

Tampa, Florida with Victoria Vaden with her dogs: Avera (poodle-rottweiler mix) and Takoda (golden retriever)

Location: Takoda is new to our family, but Avera has traveled with us across the East Coast. We are originally from Delaware but lived in Tampa, Florida for four years.

The perfect weekend with my dog: We have traveled cross-country with our dog, Avera, by car and by plane. Our favorite destination was Tampa, Florida where we lived for four years. I loved taking her to the Curtis Hixon Waterfront in downtown Tampa. It was a beautiful walk alongside the water, but also Tampa was very family- and dog-friendly, so I never felt like I was “that girl with the dog.” It was a social norm bringing her downtown, and she loved just taking a stroll with us.

Favorite dog-friendly restaurant: The best dog-friendly restaurant we’ve ever been to was Tupelo Honey in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. When we were moving from Tampa back to the Northeast, we had no idea where to grab lunch that was also dog-friendly. But, after a quick Google search, we found Tupelo. We are naturally a party of 5 (with our three small kids), but the staff was so friendly and accommodating, especially when they noticed Avera under the table. They have a real doggie menu, and Avera devoured the Notorious D.O.G. bowl.

Top tips for traveling with your pup: I always mailed Avera’s dog food about four-five days ahead of our departure, just in case. And I packed two-three days' worth of extra dog food in small plastic baggies to bring with me on the plane (or car), in case we were delayed, or in heavy traffic. I also like to bring a Kong-filled treat with peanut butter to help ease any stress from travel. Avera was originally trained for service, but she didn’t grow as I expected. Regardless, during the pandemic, I needed to travel with her. But in order to do so, I had to show papers from several doctors and the vet to share with the airline so she could travel in-cabin with us. Not having the proper paperwork (and backup copies) would have made traveling extremely difficult. 

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Jennifer Fleischer with her dogs Hopey and Shayna
Jennifer Fleischer with her dogs Hopey and Shayna © Jennifer Fleischer

Greenville, South Carolina with Jenny Fleischer and her dogs: Hopey and Shayna (golden retrievers) 

Location: Originally, I’m from Northern Virginia, I’m living in South Carolina now, more specifically Greenville.

The perfect weekend with my dogs: The perfect weekend day with my dogs would be taking them to downtown Greenville. Downtown Greenville is incredibly dog friendly. The majority of the stores allow and encourage owners to bring their dogs inside. Just about every store has a dog dish with water outside.

I enjoy walking my dogs around Falls Park on the Reedy River and Cleveland Park. The landscaping is beautiful and always makes for good photos. The photo of me with my dogs is in front of the Falls is at Falls Park on the Reedy River.

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: For lunch, there’s a plethora of options with outdoor seating, and many of the places have specialty items you can order just for your dog. If they don’t, I just order a plate of non-seasoned grilled chicken for my dogs which is something that most restaurants can easily accommodate. We always stop by Blueberry Frog for dessert which is a froyo place that has a whole doggy section (locally made bandanas, accessories, treats and party hats that are actually made by me). They sell froyo birthday cakes for dogs and other treats that are dog friendly. Our favorite dog bakery is called Woofgang Bakery Greenville. They have a huge selection of treats, toys, grooming supplies etc. They also do grooming there. I love Downtown Greenville because all of my favorite things to do are within walking distance.

Top tips for traveling with your pup: The best tip I have for traveling with your dog is to always have fresh water and waste bags on hand along with treats for your pups.

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Elaine & Gatsby Hiking at Acadia National Park
Elaine & Gatsby Hiking at Acadia National Park © Elaine

Acadia National Park, Maine with Elaine and her dog: Gatsby (Siberian husky)

Location: I was born and raised in New York City and have been a New Yorker all my life. We are currently based in NYC.

The perfect weekend with my dog: While I love the city vibes, Gatsby and I also crave nature, so a perfect getaway would be heading to Acadia National Park in Maine for an epic hiking trip. Evergreen trees will surround you, and with 120+ miles to explore, it's an absolute dream for every adventure dog! Our favorite trails are Jordan Pond, Ocean Path and Cadillac Mountain Summit Loop!

If you're looking for a dog-friendly place to stay near Acadia National Park, I recommend staying with Under Canvas Acadia for the best glamping experience with your pup. Your dog is allowed to go everywhere you go!

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: You HAVE to stop by Trenton Bridge Lobster Pound. The lobsters here are the best in Maine! There's plenty of outdoor seating to dine with your pup. I shared a lobster dinner and a few steamers with Gatsby; he loved it! Their potato salad and blueberry pie are a must-try too!

Top tips for traveling with your pup: I have four top tips:

  • Providing physical exercise and mental stimulation before traveling with your dog is key! A tired dog is a good dog. If you tire the brain, you tire the body. This also helps with your pup's anxiety during a long road trip.
  • Bring a copy of your dog's latest health certificate and vaccination record. If your dog gets injured on the trip and you need to seek emergency vet care, having these docs makes things so much easier.
  • Make sure the dog tags and microchips are updated if you moved or changed cell numbers. This may seem common sense, but many people forget to do this!
  • Finally, always plan out everything. Don't wing it! Traveling with a dog can be stressful, so make sure you have everything you need to help make your pup stay happy and comfortable during your trip.

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Elena Pressprich with her dogs Rio, Baya and Millie
Elena Pressprich with her dogs Rio, Baya and Millie © Elena Pressprich

Bend, Oregon with Elena Pressprich and her dogs: Rio (chocolate lab), Baya (lab, cattle dog, border collie mix) and Millie (golden retriever)

Location: I am from Bend, Oregon, and have lived here my whole life!

The perfect weekend with my dogs: A perfect weekend day with my dog would be to start our morning with an early stroll around the neighborhood to get warmed up and our legs moving. I would make us all breakfast and then load the car up and head out to Smith Rock. We would hike the Burma Road part of the park, it tends to be a little less crowded and has really beautiful vistas of the whole park from the top. On our way back we would stop for huckleberry ice cream at Juniper Junction, which is right outside of the park. When we get back to town, we would head to a river to do some swimming to finish up our day along the Deschutes River with some good picnic food and probably some wine.

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: Bend, Oregon is a very dog-friendly town, as many allow dogs to join you on the patio as you dine, so it makes it really easy and there are many options! I personally enjoy heading to the Podski and ordering Pad Thai from Thailandia or a vegan crunch wrap from Toasty. My favorite bakery is Angelines, in Sisters, so it's not a quick easy access for me, but anytime I am heading to trails out that way, Angelines is a must! For in Bend, the best bakery is Sparrow, and you'll have to grab their famous ocean roll, or two.

Top tips for traveling with your pup: I have done quite a bit of traveling with my dogs, and I feel like I have dialed in a pretty good system after all these years. I would say the number one most important thing is to make sure everyone is comfortable and has all the things they could need for any adventure, and long car rides (blankets, beds, jackets, harnesses, leashes, collars, food, water, treats, etc.) but also being extremely organized is so helpful. When you have three dogs, things can get really chaotic, messy and disorganized really fast, so creating a system that makes grabbing and finding things really easy makes the trip so much more enjoyable. I have dedicated bags that hold just their food supplies and meds, then other bags that hold their gear, like leashes, collars, bowls, jackets, etc. I have a bin that holds more emergency items like first aid kits (for humans and for dogs), extra water, food and bowls, a tick remover, bug spray, sunscreen, towels, etc. Knowing where everything is and being good about returning the items to their "home" is so important for a peaceful, easy and fun time on the road!

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Tiffany Tharpe and her dog Zion
Tiffany Tharpe and her dog Zion © Tiffany Tharpe

Las Vegas with Tiffany and her dog: Zion (boxer mix)

Location: Zion and I are from sunny Southern California and call Los Angeles our home. Zion is an adventure pup who I take hiking, stand-up paddle boarding and camping mostly but I also love taking road trips to dog-friendly locations. For his second birthday, we took a road trip to Las Vegas, Nevada. He loves road trips and normally just knocks out in the back seat. We have a dog seat cover with a seatbelt attachment for his safety. On the way to Las Vegas, a must-visit is the Seven Magic Mountains which is right off the freeway and a short walk. It was a good opportunity to stretch our legs before getting to the hotel. 

The perfect weekend with my dog: There are so many dog-friendly hotels in Vegas and even on the Vegas Strip itself. We stayed at Vdara Hotel & Spa which allows two pets with a combined weight up to 100 pounds. They provide a kennel if needed and have a small gated relief area and park right outside the hotel. They also allow pets to be left unattended (though they need to be in a kennel or carrier) and have a 'check-in' service where they will come check on your pet and send a picture while you're out. You can walk through the Cosmopolitan Hotel and walk your dog on the Vegas strip during dog walking hours which is from 5am to noon. This is understandable as the Strip gets very overstimulating after that time and, during the summer hours, the sidewalk can be very hot for your pup's paws. There are a few dog-friendly restaurants on the Strip that you can eat at with your pet, though we mostly did take-out during our stay. 

Always when we travel we like to do some kind of outdoor activity, and it just so happens that Red Rock Canyon is really close AND the trails are dog-friendly. It's a 30-minute drive and we hiked most of the day hitting up various trails along the 13-mile scenic drive. It was beautiful hiking along so many colored rocks and the pup loved it. 

Top tips for traveling with your pup: Safety is always important with us so I always perform tick checks whenever I go hiking or camping with my dog, make sure to bring enough water for both him and me, am aware of posted signs and wildlife in the area that can potentially harm him, and am aware of the weather, especially in places where it gets really hot. We went to Vegas in January and the temperature was perfect for hiking and walking but summertime in Vegas is a different story. I always pack a little bag for him and bring booties just in case we encounter a hot day. 

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Stephen Martin with his dog Ollie
Stephen Martin with his dog Ollie © Stephen Martin

Colorado Springs, Colorado with Stephen Martin and his dog: Ollie (mutt)

Location: I’m originally from Dallas, Texas and spent 8 years in the US Army, 4 years in Brussels, Belgium before landing in Colorado Springs, Colorado and adopting my dog.

The perfect weekend with my dog: Colorado is quite the spectacular place to live in let alone travel to, but being in such a beautiful place with a companion by your side makes the experience much more special. Colorado Springs is a rapidly growing city with an amazing juxtaposition of city vibes and mountain trails. The perfect weekend day with my dog in our city starts off with a sunrise hike or trail run in none other than Garden of the Gods Park. Home to unique and towering red rock formations, this park offers insane views that you can bring your dog along to see, as long as they are on a leash. Find your way to one of the many local coffee shops in town for coffee and brunch, and cap off the afternoon/evening at the Trolly Block for burgers, tacos, cocktails and plenty of dog-friendly patios where you and your pup can enjoy the view of Pikes Peak and the surrounding mountain range. Rock climbing, trail running, mountain biking and more can all be found just minutes away from this amazing mountain city!

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: Switchback Coffee Roasters; avocado toast and an Ethiopian pour-over coffee; The Garden; Great cocktails and dog-friendly patio with live music and food trucks and Dos Santos; The O.M.F.G. Taco and the Ahi Tuna are our favorites.

Top tips for traveling with your pup: Find the middle ground; While it's important to bring your dog along if you love yours as much as I do, make sure you are still advocating for yourself and what you want to maybe see or do. There are always sitters and walkers available in big cities who can take the load off during an extended trip that can help you see sights and more that are always as friendly or accessible for your furry friend!

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Jasmine Wood and her dog Oliver
Jasmine Wood and her dog Oliver © Jasmine Wood

Riverside County, California with Jasmine Wood and her dog: Oliver (blue merle Australian shepherd)

Location: We are from sunny Southern California and currently reside in the southwestern region of Riverside County.

The perfect weekend with my dog: It’s difficult to put into words what entails a perfect weekend for my dog and I, but I can guarantee that any day spent on the US 395 is a great one. One of our favorite destinations on this route is the small and humble town of Lone Pine. Located in Lone Pine is Alabama Hills, dogs are allowed off-leash here since it is (Bureau of Land Management) BLM land and waking up to Mt. Whitney is a staple when visiting the 395.

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: Lone Pine is also filled with various mom-and-pop restaurants, such as the Frosty Chalet, which has amazing burgers and some sweet old-fashioned ice cream cones.

Top tips for traveling with your pup: Something that makes traveling with Oliver easier is ensuring I always have collapsible dog bowls and his favorite ball to help distract him in extremely stressful situations. Being patient and encouraging of Oliver in the various settings I put him in helps us build success for our future trips and keeps the travel bug hungry.

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Sarah Geist and her dog: Alice © Sarah Geist
Sarah Geist and her dog: Alice © Sarah Geist

New York City, New York with Sarah Geist and her dog: Alice (beagle)

Location: I grew up in Denver, Colorado and I adopted Alice when she was about three months old while I was in college in Dallas, Texas. We've lived in New York City for ten years now, and Alice has traveled with me to twenty states and seven countries outside the US.

The perfect weekend with my dog: Our perfect weekend definitely starts with a long walk in Central Park during off-leash hours, after grabbing a latte from a local coffee shop like Peaky Barista. Then we meet friends for brunch at one of our favorite dog-friendly patios (pretty much all patios in the city are dog-friendly), and take the subway down to Washington Square Park or Battery Park for afternoon sunbathing and a picnic. We'll head across the East River to enjoy the sunset from Brooklyn Bridge Park or Domino Park, then stop by one of our favorite dog-friendly bars.

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: New York City has so much outdoor seating for restaurants and dogs are always allowed. In our neighborhood, we especially love trying out different cocktails and splitting French fries at The Consulate, snacking on bacon-wrapped dates at Buceo 95, devouring the cheeseburger at Nobody Told Me and sipping rosé at Cafe du Soleil or Vin Sur Vingt. You can find unique, dog-friendly New York restaurant experiences at Grand Banks (a docked boat with views of the Hudson River and One World Trade), or Westlight (watch the sun set behind the Manhattan skyline from the rooftop). Some bars even allow dogs inside, like Lucky Dog, Horses & Divorces, The Copper Still, Malibu Farm, Brooklyn Brewery, Fifth Hammer Brewing and Tap a Keg. There are also a few dog-specific cafes, like Black Lab Café or Boris & Horton that are like indoor dog parks, with treats for humans too!

Top tips for traveling with your pup: In New York City, dogs are allowed in almost every shop that doesn't sell food, so your dog can join you on a shopping spree through SoHo or down 5th Ave. The subway allows dogs that are in some sort of container... and the term "container" can be interpreted very loosely! The same goes for the NYC Ferry and Staten Island Ferry. Parts of the city can be very noisy and crowded, so always keep your dog's anxiety and comfort level in mind!

Before I travel, I always ask my veterinarian's office to email me Alice's up-to-date records. We've had to visit emergency vets in other states and countries, and having those records handy has been so helpful! If flying, make sure you keep at least some dog food in your carry-on just in case your luggage is lost. Call hotels ahead of time and ask about their dog policy - Google/Kayak/Priceline aren't always accurate, and you might be surprised by a hefty fee that you didn't budget for. When flying, your dog counts as your carry-on, so you will almost certainly have to check a bag - keep this in mind when figuring out the cheapest/best flights (Southwest offers two free carry-on bags for all passengers and a cheaper pet fee than other airlines).

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Jimmy Im with a friend and his dog Ruby
Jimmy Im with a friend and his dog Ruby © Jimmy Im

Puerto Rico with Jimmy Im and his dog: Ruby (shih tzu)

Location: Originally from Atlanta, based in Brooklyn, New York.

The perfect weekend with my dog: Ruby loves beaches. I used to take her to Mexico twice a year (Cabo, Puerto Vallarta, Playa Del Carmen, etc.) since the resorts there are extremely pet-friendly, and dogs are allowed on the beautiful beaches. Since Covid, I haven’t traveled internationally, so we’ve been going to Puerto Rico. The beaches are divine. Our last trip, we stayed at Ritz Carlton Dorado Beach and St Regis Bahia Beach. Both resorts go above and beyond for pets, and it was the first time I’ve traveled with Ruby where she wasn’t the only dog vacationer at the resort – a true testament! We really love to chill and run around on the beach. Honestly, that’s how we spend the weekends. Ruby’s been going to beaches since she was a year old, so she gets ecstatic whenever we visit one. It’s truly nostalgic for her. She’s a 10-lb shih tzu with lots of energy, so the fact she has miles of beaches to run around in (versus a small dog park in BK) makes her super happy.

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: We usually stick around the resorts we’re staying at. Most of them have outdoor restaurants. Such as Encanto Beach Club and Grill and Coa (both beachside) at Ritz Carlton Reserve and Seagrapes at St Regis. I’ll usually slip Ruby eggs. Weirdly, she’s not into sausage or bacon. She loves eggs.

Top tips for traveling with your pup: YES. Always bring treats when you’re traveling and keep them in your dog’s soft-sided crate. You never know if there will be flight delays. Also, bring a retractable water bowl so your pup can drink water on the plane (it’s very dehydrating on a plane). I also always pack her favorite toys. It’s so interesting that she plays with them more on the beach than she does when she’s home, so clearly, she’s happy. Lastly, I know this one might be “out there” but a lot of people ask me how do you prevent a dog from barking in the hotel room while you’re away. There are two solutions. 1. I learned from a pet psychic. You need to tell your pup WHEN you’ll return. So, for instance, if I’m going to dinner and leaving her in the room, I’ll say “Ruby, I’ll be right back, be a good girl. I’ll be back in 2 hours.” For some reason, this works. It takes a few tries so practice at home first. Second: Always, always, ALWAYS book a premium villa if you can, an accommodation separated from other accommodations (a good example is Viceroy Riviera Maya, where all accommodations are self-enclosed private, stand-alone villas – where we used to go every 2 years). This way, if you’re traveling with your dog and are not sure if he/she will get anxious that you’re away in an unfamiliar environment, you can rest assured no resort guest will hear your pup bark. I used to do this when I started traveling with Ruby, but she’s so used to hotels now, she doesn’t bark. But this is a good tip for newbies.

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Kenzie with her dog Kopa
Kenzie with her dog Kopa © Kenzie / @kopadoodle

Utah with Kenzie and her dog: Kopa (goldendoole)

Location: We spent most of Kopa’s first year living in Colorado and are currently living in northern Utah

The perfect weekend with my dog: One of our favorite places in Utah to visit is Moab! While dogs are not allowed on trails in National Parks, there are plenty of adventures and friendly hikes for dogs outside of the National Parks. We love to start our day off with an easier hike to Corona Arch! This one is very popular, and with minimal shade, so it’s best to go early. I always make sure to keep Kopa on leash, bring water and pick up after him!

We still have some energy after this hike, so we head over to Grandstaff Trail. This one is great because it has a river that Kopa was able to drink from and cool off in - the trail itself is mostly pretty flat, and there is a little more shade along the way. 

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: After we’re fully adventured out, my absolute favorite place to go eat is at the Moab Food Truck Park. It is all outside and dog friendly! You HAVE to try the Quesadilla Mobilla truck, it is insanely delicious and I’m craving one now just talking about it! Not too far from the food truck park is the Moab Barkery where Kopa loved to pick out his own toy. We finish the day by going to one of the local dog parks, souvenir shopping in the stores, or just relaxing at our hotel/ campsite. 

Top tips for traveling with your pup: The best tip I could give about traveling with your dog is to research beforehand, know where local dog parks are to let your dog run off leash (especially if it’s a long road trip!) and always carry extra poop bags (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been on a trail/walk/etc., and didn’t realize I was out of poop bags until it was too late!).

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Theresa Wederman and Wyatt Gorham with their dog Zucchini
Theresa Wederman and Wyatt Gorham with their dog Zucchini © Theresa Wederman

Charlotte, North Carolina with Theresa Wederman and Wyatt Gorham with their dog: Zucchini (Australian shepherd) 

Location: We are originally from upstate New York! We moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, three years ago. 

The perfect weekend with my dog: The perfect weekend for us is in the mountains! We have always been avid hikers, and ever since we got Zucchini, that has become even more of a hobby. Hiking is not only great exercise for us as humans but for dogs as well! Since Zucchini is a herding animal and has a lot of energy, long hikes keep him focused and motivated. Plus, we get to spend time together chatting and sweating our way up to a view! Our favorite hikes are in Asheville, North Carolina, just 2 hours from home. The views are outstanding, and the trails are always dog-friendly. Our favorite is Lane Pinnacle, which is short and rewarding. 

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: We love bringing the veggie out to eat with us, and Charlotte is one of the most dog-friendly places we have ever been. At every corner you look, someone has a dog; it’s almost impossible to live here and not have one! So naturally, there are a lot of dog-friendly restaurants and breweries. Our favorite and somewhere we have gone since he was a puppy is Suffolk Punch! They have fantastic breakfast bowls and really great dinner plates! Not to mention all the dogs that hang out in the outdoor area. One of our favorite dog bakeries in Charlotte is Canine Cafe - Charlotte! They make the most adorable dog cakes for every occasion. We may or may not get Zucchini a doggie birthday cake every year from here. 

Top tips for traveling with your pup: We often travel with Zucchini; whether driving back to New York or going on vacation, we always pack him up and bring him with us. Dogs need adventures too! Our top tips for traveling via car with your pup would be to make sure they have a comfortable area! We always keep the backseat wide up for him (although he always makes his way to the front.) We will typically shove a little bed back there so that he has his safe space with him. We also pack his favorite bone and toy for when he gets antsy. 

Last year we drove from Charlotte to Colorado, which took a few days, and he would nap for a while and then chew on his bone. Any chance we had, we would pull off and find a nice field to throw the ball and chase him around so that he could still get in some exercise and have a little fun. That worked for us, and he had such a great time.

Another tip we have for traveling with your pup is to do your research. Although Charlotte is very dog friendly, not every city or location is. Recently we wanted to get away for the weekend and go to the beach with Zucchini. We had a beach in mind for weeks, and the day before we left, I had a feeling that I should double-check and make sure he could come with us, and sure enough, dogs were not allowed. Luckily, Google is wise and full of information, and we were able to find a different beach, Oak Island, that welcomes dogs at all hours of the day! So that extra research will save you a lot of disappointment and time.

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Arianna and her dogs: Ivy, Sierra and Nova
Arianna and her dogs: Ivy, Sierra and Nova © Arianna / @trailsanddogs

Nashville with Arianna and her dogs: Ivy (husky/golden mix), Sierra (husky/pit mix) and Nova (German shepherd/pit mix)

Location: We love to travel across the country together, and explore new adventures and places as much as we can. Our home base is in Nashville, TN. The city is incredibly dog-friendly!

The perfect weekend with my dog: There are a ton of great local hiking trails at Beaman Park, Edwin Warner and Percy Warner Park, Narrows of the Harpeth, and Bell’s Bend Park all within 20 minutes of downtown Nashville. If you’re feeling a little more adventurous, the nearby waterfalls are about a 90-minute drive and are absolutely stunning – Greeter Falls and Fall Creek Falls are our favorites to go hike! During the summer, you’ll definitely want to snag a kayak rental and go float down the Harpeth River or hop on a paddleboard at Percy Priest Lake. Hitting up a rooftop patio for happy hour is a must – the Pool Club at Virgin Hotel and Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row are our favorite spots! We also love to visit the many farmers’ markets and local vendor markets throughout the summer, or hit up a summer baseball game for a dog-friendly night at the Sounds stadium!

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: We love to catch breakfast on the patio at a coffee shop such as Frothy Monkey or Eighth and Roast – be sure to snag a pup cup!

Top tips for traveling with your pup: Nashville has a TON of dog-friendly restaurants, activities and places to go with your pup, it makes it so easy to create these memories together!

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Emily Janowsky and her dog Rocket
Emily Janowsky and her dog Rocket © Emily Janowsky

San Francisco, California with Emily Janowsky and her dog: Rocket (yellow lab)

Location: I grew up in San Francisco and now live in Corte Madera (Marin county), just north of San Francisco.

The perfect weekend with my dog: My husband Steve and I love taking Rocket on a hike or adventure. In Marin, some of our favorite places to explore are the Marin Headlands (Hill 88 is a great hike with amazing views), Ring Mountain or Baltimore Canyon. Rocket isn't a swimmer but we also love visiting San Quentin Beach, Muir Beach and Blackie's Pasture. In San Francisco, you can't go wrong bringing your dog to Crissy Field. They can run and romp off-leash and the humans can enjoy stunning views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Bay. The Lands End hike in SF is also one of my favorites as I grew up nearby.

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: We recently took Rocket for a hike on Mt Tam and finished the outing with a delicious lunch at Rock & Rye, the restaurant at the Sweetwater in downtown Mill Valley. It was very dog-friendly as we sat outside on their patio. Rocket just drank some water they provided and slept under the table as we enjoyed our lunch. Surprisingly, there aren't many dog-focused restaurants here in Marin. I wish there were!

Top tips for traveling with your pup: We took a family road trip earlier this summer to Southern California. Rocket loves riding in the car with us. San Diego is incredibly dog-friendly so Rocket came to most meals with us (we sat outdoors) and loved it! He even got to stay for several nights at the Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel. For an additional pet fee, they will give your dog a warm welcome. Whenever we travel with him, I make sure to pack some of Rocket's favorite toys and Benebones to keep him entertained, but he mainly just naps while we drive. I also make sure he has access to plenty of water.

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Kristen Sutherland and her dogs Barkley and Fiona
Kristen Sutherland and her dogs Barkley and Fiona © Kristen Sutherland

Pigeon Forge with Kristen Sutherland and her dogs: Barkley (jackapoo) and Fiona (toy poodle)

Location: I am originally from the small town of Chester, SC. I moved to Upstate South Carolina in 2016, when I got married. We moved to Anderson, SC last winter.

The perfect weekend with my dog: When we take the pups to Pigeon Forge, one of the first places we go with them is The Island. Most of the stores are dog-friendly and they have a ton of outdoor seating around their beautiful fountain. While we’re there, we walk them down to Stages West because they love dogs & I love western apparel! All that shopping makes us work up an appetite so, we grab a bite to eat at Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant or Chop House (in the Tanger Outlets). Gatlinburg is only a 15-minute drive so we head that way to walk the pups around downtown and do some more shopping, as most of their stores are also dog-friendly! They even have a pet boutique called Bonediggity Barkery and Gifts. Before heading back to our campground, we stop at The Moon Pie General Store in Pigeon Forge because it’s tradition for us to stock up on Moon Pies every time we visit and they absolutely love to see dogs in their store. After a fun busy day, we head back to the campground to enjoy the sounds of nature as the sun sets behind the beautiful Smoky Mountains.

Favorite local dog-friendly restaurants: Do you have any favorite dog-friendly bakeries you visit? One of our favorite places to eat with the dogs is Applewood Farmhouse Restaurant! It has a Sevierville address but it’s only 2.5 miles away from The Island so it’s right in the middle of everything in Pigeon Forge. They have the BEST apple fritters you’ll ever taste. I haven’t been disappointed by anything from their menu - pure perfection!

Top tips for traveling with your pup: Things that have made the process of travel easier when traveling with your dog? My first travel tip for dog owners is to invest in a canine car seat. Traveling has been much safer and more comfortable for our dogs since we purchased ours from Snoozer Pets. They have storage compartments in them to hold leashes, bowls, treats, etc. My second tip would be to stay at a campground when traveling. Most hotels have more restrictions when it comes to dogs & campgrounds are honestly much more fun, especially if you have dogs!

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