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Acadia National Park

The only national park in all of New England, Acadia offers unrivaled coastal beauty and activities for both leisurely hikers and adrenaline junkies. Most people spend about three days here, which is just enough to take in the park highlights. But you could easily spend a week, taking in mountaintop hikes, bike rides, scenic drives and shoreline strolls, as well as leaving time to relax on the shores of Echo Lake or Sand Beach.

The park, which incorporates both coastline and mountains, protects a remarkably diverse landscape. You can spend the morning checking out tidal pools and watching the sea crash against the cliffs down by the waterfront, then head into the interior for a walk through dense forest up past a boulder-filled ridgeline with osprey and the occasional bald eagle soaring overhead. There are scenic lakes and ponds to discover too, plus plenty of fine picnic spots.

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