Somes Sound

Acadia National Park

This fjord-like embayment is one of the most striking natural features in Acadia. It was formed by glaciers and makes for a picturesque backdrop to a scenic drive along Sargent Dr or a cruise – Sea Princess sails there. If you prefer to hoof it, head up Acadia or St Sauveur mountains, which both offer majestic views over the waterway.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Acadia National Park attractions

1. Echo Lake

1.32 MILES

Ringed with lush forests and nestled between the slopes of two mountains, Echo Lake makes for a lovely escape from the crowds on the busier eastern side…

2. Asticou Azalea Garden

2.06 MILES

Created in 1957, this lovely 2.3-acre garden is laced with paths, little shelters and ornamental Japanese-style bridges. Azaleas and rhododendrons bloom…

3. Thuya Garden


Some of the most beautiful gardens on the island lie hidden atop a forest-backed bluff overlooking the east side of the harbor. Flowers bursting with…

4. Jordan Pond

2.69 MILES

On clear days, the glassy waters of this 176-acre pond reflect the image of Penobscot Mountain like a mirror. A stroll around the pond and its surrounding…

5. Wendell Gilley Museum

3.15 MILES

For rainy-day amusement, pay a visit to this handsomely designed museum, which displays the exquisite wooden carvings of Wendell Gilley, one of the world…

6. Cadillac Mountain

4.58 MILES

Don't leave the park without driving – or hiking – to the 1530ft summit of Cadillac Mountain. For panoramic views of Frenchman Bay, walk the paved 0.5…

7. Acadia National Park

5.51 MILES

New England's only national park turned 100 in 2016 – it's a fine-looking centenarian. Within its borders are impressive coastal landmarks and great…

8. Abbe Museum at Sieur de Monts Spring

5.57 MILES

This summertime offshoot of the Abbe Museum in Bar Harbor is located at the Sieur de Monts Spring area inside Acadia National Park. This was the original…