Gallery in Harare

National Gallery of Zimbabwe

In the southeast corner of Harare Gardens, the gallery's monthly exhibits mix contemporary local and African art. You'll find paintings, photography, stone sculptures, masks and carvings. The attached shop is an exc…
Gallery in Bulawayo

National Art Gallery

Set in a beautiful 100-year-old classical Edwardian building, the National Art Gallery has temporary and permanent exhibitions of contemporary Zimbabwean sculpture and paintings. There’s also a gallery shop with loc…
Cultural Centre in Victoria Falls (town)

Jafuta Heritage Centre

This worthwhile collection details the cultural heritage of local ethnic groups, from Shona, Ndebele, Tonga and Lozi people.
Top Choice Waterfall in Victoria Falls (town)

Victoria Falls National Park

Located just before the border crossing and about 1km from the town centre, here on the Zim side of the falls you're in for a real treat. The walk is along the top of the gorge on a path, with various viewing point…
Museum in Bulawayo

Natural History Museum

Explore the country's natural, anthropological and geological history, set over 3 floors at Zimbabwe's largest and best museum. The impressive collection of gemstones shows the country's astounding wealth of natural…
Gardens in Harare

Harare Gardens

This is the city's largest park. Look for the island-like stand of rainforest with its miniature Victoria Falls (often minus the water) and Zambezi Gorge. Don't linger here after dusk.
Monument in Harare

National Heroes' Acre

The grandiose obelisk of Heroes' Acre, overlooking the town, is straight outta Pyongyang, yet lies just 7km from Harare. Designed with the assistance of North Korea, it serves as a somber memorial to the forces who …
Wildlife Reserve in Harare

Mukuvisi Woodlands Environmental Centre

Only 7km from the city, most of the 265 hectares here are natural msasa parkland where zebras and giraffes roam free. View from the platform (bring binoculars) or on foot, bicycle or horse safari ($12). Birdwatching…
Museum in Harare

National Archives of Zimbabwe

Founded in 1935, this building off Borrowdale Rd is the repository for the history of Rhodesia and modern Zimbabwe: artefacts, photos, accounts of early explorers and settlers, and a display about the Second Chimure…
Auction House in Harare

Tobacco Floor

Not quite the NY stock exchange but certainly fast paced. Get among the action on the floors where farmers on one side sell bales of tobacco to brokers on the other. Tobacco used to be one of Zimbabwe’s major foreig…