Must-see attractions in Trinidad

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    Asa Wright Nature Centre

    A former cocoa and coffee plantation transformed into an 600-hectare nature reserve, this place blows the minds of birdwatchers. Even if you can’t tell a…

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    Pitch Lake

    About 25km southwest of San Fernando, and just south of the small town of La Brea, this slowly bubbling black 'lake' is perhaps Trinidad’s greatest oddity…

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    Queen’s Park Savannah

    Once part of a sugar plantation, formerly home to a racecourse and now the epicenter of the annual Carnival, this public park is encircled by a 3.7km…

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    Fort George

    Get a truly spectacular bird's-eye view of the Port of Spain cityscape and the Gulf of Paria from this colonial-era fort, with stone-built defensive walls…

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    National Museum & Art Gallery

    Housed in a classic colonial building, the rather dry historical exhibits range from the oil industry to Amerindian settlers, the colonial era and…

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    Botanical Gardens

    Resplendent with exotic trees and plants, and networked by paved paths, the Botanical Gardens date from 1818. Take a stroll or relax in one of the…

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    Nariva Swamp

    Inland of the Cocal, the Ramsar-protected Nariva Swamp covers some 60 sq km of freshwater wetland inhabited by anacondas and a small population of elusive…

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    Rio Seco Waterfall

    Just past the bridge over the Rio Seco, a signposted trail leads inland to the Rio Seco Waterfall in Matura National Park. This stunning swimming hole and…

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    Caroni Bird Sanctuary

    This 5611-hectare estuarine swampland of dense mangrove thickets crisscrossed with tea-colored channels is best known for its scarlet ibis, T&T's national…

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    Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust

    A wonderful exercise in contradiction, this picturesque bird sanctuary covers 29 hectares of lake and forest within the incongruous setting of PetroTrin…

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    Waterloo Temple

    Beautifully situated at the end of a causeway striking off from the central west coast, Waterloo Temple was constructed almost entirely by indentured…

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    Woodford Square

    This grassy square with its central Eros and Aphrodite fountain and ornate bandstand is the symbolic center of downtown Port of Spain. Dr Eric Williams,…

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    Central Bank Money Museum

    Newly refurbished and with ferocious air-con that provides a welcome break from the downtown heat, the Money Museum is a surprisingly absorbing affair,…

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    Hanuman Murti and Sri Dattatreya Ashram

    Towering 26m over the Sri Dattatreya Ashram, the brightly painted Hanuman Murti is a potent icon of Trinidad’s Hindu community. Devotees from all over the…

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    Stollmeyer's Castle

    With its battlemented turrets, this fabulous Scottish Baronial pile really does have the feel of a castle. Loosely modeled on the British Queen's home at…

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    Waterfront Park

    Nudging the Gulf of Paria opposite the western end of Independence Sq, and linked to it by a new raised pedestrian walkway over Wrightson Rd, the paved…

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    Grande Riviere Beach

    This long, wide beach is capped at each end by exuberantly forested headlands, with the ever-shifting lagoon of the eponymous river at its east end…

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    As well as a detailed and quite lengthy presentation on Trinidad's hummingbirds and the chance to watch the birds as they gather at sugar-water feeders,…

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    Matura Beach

    This wild, undeveloped beach with its coarse gray sand offers perfect conditions for leatherback turtles to lay their eggs, but it's far too rugged and…

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    Macqueripe Beach

    The main road through Tucker Valley ends at Macqueripe, formerly the swimming spot of American troops and now a pretty place to dive into cool green…