Queen’s Park Savannah

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Once part of a sugar plantation, formerly home to a racecourse and now the epicenter of the annual Carnival, this public park is encircled by a 3.7km perimeter road that locals call the world’s largest roundabout. In the early evening when the scorching heat subsides, the grassy center is taken up with games of cricket or football, while joggers crowd the perimeter path and vendors sell cold coconut water.

Come Easter time, the Savannah is a favourite spot for kite-flying, with homemade 'mad-bulls' soaring high above the grass, but throughout the year, it's a popular place to sample some excellent Trini street food. Each evening, lines of stalls set up on the paved area opposite the National Academy of the Performing Arts. Just in from the northern perimeter, Circular Rd, the Hollows is a peaceful corner, with teeming fishponds overlooked by grassy hillocks. Roughly in the centre, the walled-off Peschier cemetery holds the remains of French Creoles.

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