Waterloo Temple


Beautifully situated at the end of a causeway striking off from the central west coast, Waterloo Temple was constructed almost entirely by indentured laborer Sewdass Sadhu, after his previous structure (built on state land) was demolished. It was a true labor of love, with Sadhu carrying each foundation stone on his bicycle to the water’s edge. It’s a beautiful place, surrounded by the shallow waters of the Paria Gulf at high tide and with prayer flags fluttering in the air.

When Sewdass Sadhu died in 1970, the temple was still incomplete; his work was finally finished by the Hindu community in 1995. Today the site is sacred to Hindus, but visitors are welcome, though the temple interior is often locked; if you do go in, remove your shoes before entering. The views out over the water, with the distant Northern Range looming in the background, are particularly lovely at sunset.

As you near the temple compound, there are both Christian and Muslim cemeteries to the left of the road; and adjacent to the temple is a Hindu cremation ground.

To get to Waterloo by car, travel south from Port of Spain on the Uriah Butler Hwy to Chaguanas, then take the signposted turnoff onto the Southern Main Rd. At St Mary’s (near the big KFC), Waterloo Main Rd heads west to the temple. Alternatively, tour companies such as Island Experiences include the site as part of their Central Trinidad tour.

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