Top Choice Museum in Île de Gorée

Maison des Esclaves

Set in a former grand home, allegedly used as a departure point for slaves, this is one of the most important monuments to the slave trade and features the famous 'doorway to nowhere' opening directly to the sea.
Top Choice Bridge in Saint-Louis

Pont Faidherbe

Transferred to Saint-Louis in 1897, the metal arches of this bridge designed by Gustav Eiffel and originally built to cross the Danube, the Pont Faidherbe is the city's most significant landmark. You'll cross its s…
Top Choice Arts Centre in Dakar

Village des Arts

An arts tour around Dakar is simply not complete with a visit to this famous art complex, where more some of Senegal's most promising and established photographers, painters and sculptors create, shape and display t…
Monument in Dakar

Layen Mausoleum

In Yoff village, take a look at the Layen Mausoleum, a shrine to the founder of the Layen Muslim brotherhood. Residents of Yoff are noted for their strong Islamic culture: smoking and drinking are not allowed and vi…
Outdoors in Senegal

Parc National de la Langue de Barbarie

This park includes the far southern tip of the Langue de Barbarie peninsula, the estuary of the Senegal River (which contains two small islands) and a section of the mainland on the other side of the estuary. The pa…
Architecture in Ziguinchor

Post Office

Central Ziguinchor, with its colourful colonial buildings and wide streets overlooked by mighty trees, is well worth exploring for an afternoon. Interesting buildings include the central post office on Rue du Généra…
National Park in Senegal

Parc National des Oiseaux du Djoudj

From November to April, some three million birds migrating south from Europe stop here, because it's one of the first places with permanent water south of the Sahara. This park is one of the most important bird sanc…
Architecture in Ziguinchor

Alliance Franco-Sénégalaise

This is easily Ziguinchor's most stunning building, a giant case à impluvium (large, round traditional house), decorated with blindingly busy South African Ndebele and Casamance patterns. Inside there are exhibition…
Museum in Dakar

Musée Théodore Monod

The Musée Théodore Monod is one of the best museums in West Africa. The museum is a testimony to African art and culture with over 9000 objects on display. Lively, exhibits show masks and traditional dress across th…
Museum in Saint-Louis

IFAN Museum

This heritage, art and culture museum contains photos of famous Saint-Louis personalities, an informative history section (in French) and exhibits on local culture and topography ncluding antique dolls and exhibits …