Top things to do

Top Choice Scottish in St Andrews

The Peat Inn

This superb Michelin-starred restaurant, backed by a commodious suite of bedrooms, makes an ideal gourmet break. The chef makes a great effort to source premium-quality Scottish produce and presents it in innovative…
Top Choice Scottish in St Andrews

Vine Leaf

Classy, comfortable and well-established, the friendly Vine Leaf offers a changing menu of sumptuous Scottish seafood, game and vegetarian dishes. There's a huge selection within the set-price menu, all well present…
Top Choice Brasserie in St Andrews


Housed in the former post-office building, this loud and bustling brasserie panders to a youngish clientele of local families, well-heeled students and tourists with a crowd-pleasing menu of steaks and seafood, incl…
Castle in St Andrews

St Andrews Castle

The castle is mainly in ruins, but the site itself is evocative and has dramatic coastline views. It was founded around 1200 as a fortified home for the bishop of St Andrews. After the execution of Protestant reform…
Ruins in St Andrews

St Andrews Cathedral

All that's left of one of Britain's most magnificent medieval buildings are ruined fragments of wall and arch, and a single towering gable, but you can still appreciate the scale and majesty of the edifice from thes…
Books in St Andrews

J&G Innes

Plenty of local-interest books, including ones about Fife’s history of burning witches.
Scottish in St Andrews

Doll’s House

With its comfy chairs, tweedy colours and distressed timber, the Doll’s House combines a traditional atmosphere with modern styling. The result is surprising warmth and no pretensions. The menu makes the most of loc…
Ice Cream in St Andrews

B Jannetta

Jannetta's is a St Andrews institution, offering 52 varieties of ice cream, from the weird (Irn-Bru sorbet) to the decadent (strawberries and champagne).
Seafood in St Andrews

Seafood Restaurant

The Seafood Restaurant occupies a stylish glass-walled room, built out over the sea, with polished wooden floors, crisp white linen, an open kitchen and panoramic views of St Andrews Bay. It offers top-notch seafood…
Pub in St Andrews

Central Bar

Rather staid compared to some of the wilder student-driven drinking options, this likeable pub keeps it real with traditional features, an island bar, lots of Scottish beers, decent service and filling (if uninspiri…