American Airlines is increasing its summer schedule by adding more domestic and international flights next month to meet passenger demand.

Earlier this week the carrier announced it will resume transatlantic routes from Dallas to Amsterdam, Paris, and Frankfurt; from Miami to AntiguaGuayaquil and Quito; from Chicago to London; from New York to London; and from Dallas to Dublin in July.

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Transatlantic flights will pick up in June ©Kelly Sillaste/Getty Images

After months of lockdown, travel bans and restricted services the carrier said it will fly 55% of its July 2019 domestic schedule next month, and 20% of its international schedule compared to July last year. Total flights for July 2020 will work out at 40% of July 2019 levels.

As national parks including Yosemite, Yellowstone, Zion and Grand Teton reopen across the US and people look to domestic, leisure trips for summer 2020, American is responding by increasing services to Montana, Colorado, Utah and Wyoming from its major hubs to satisfy the interest. It will also boost flights to Florida as the state's theme parks reopen, including Universal Orlando this week, and Walt Disney World on 11 July.

Tickets for July flights will be available to purchase on American Airlines' website from Sunday, 7 July.

Elsewhere, Emirates and Etihad announced this week it would resume transit flights from hubs in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to 29 destinations in North America, Europe and Asia by 15 June, while Australia's Qantas and Air New Zealand said they would resume services in June as travel restrictions are eased.

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