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Yellowstone is home to over 60% of the world’s geysers – natural hot springs with unique plumbing that causes them to periodically erupt in towering explosions of boiling water and steam. And while these astounding phenomens and their neighboring technicolor hot springs and bubbling mud pits draw in the crowds (over 4 million people each year), the surrounding canyons, mountains and forests are no less impressive.

Teeming with moose, elk, bison, grizzlies and wolves, America's first national park also contains some of America's wildest lands just begging to be explored.

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$285 Day Trips & Excursions

Yellowstone National Park Day Tour

You’ll be picked up from your Jackson hotel early in the morning. During your 2-hour drive by comfortable air-conditioned coach, admire the beauty of Grand Teton National Park as you make your way north to Yellowstone National Park. Upon entering Yellowstone’s Lower Loop, drive to Lewis Canyon, Lewis River and Lewis Lake before stopping at Old Faithful to witness the world-famous geyser’s iconic eruption. Be sure to have your camera ready for this eye-popping sight! After lunch, you’ll be mesmerized by the amazing colors of the Fountain Paint Pot in the Firehole River Area. As your guide will explain, this mud pot in Yellowstone’s Lower Geyser basin is named for the reds, yellows and browns caused by the oxidation states of the iron in the mud.Pass through the Madison Junction and Norris Geyser Basin on our way to your next stop, the 20-mile-long (32-km) Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, where you’ll come face-to-face with one of the tallest waterfalls in the US. Then, continue driving through the Lower Loop to Hayden Valley, where bison herds spend the summer grazing. You may even spot a wolf! Your last stop in Yellowstone is the historic Lake Hotel overlooking Yellowstone Lake, the country’s largest lake above an elevation of 7,000 feet (2,134 meters). You’ll enjoy more awe-inspiring views as you cruise through Grand Teton National Park on your way back to Jackson.

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Private Yellowstone Wildlife Tour

A private Yellowstone Guidelines tour for a group 1-6 people is the perfect way to see and experience the wildlife of Yellowstone National Park. Your excursion begins with an early pick-up from your Yellowstone area lodgings. Then, depart for the park with your expert guide for a full-day of wildlife viewing. Set out in search of the park’s resident wildlife, including black and grizzly bears, elk, bison, bighorn sheep, and elusive wolves. If you spot them, you can watch their antics from a safe and unobtrusive distance using provided viewing scopes and binoculars. Have your camera ready to capture stunning park and wildlife pics while traveling through Yellowstone’s Northern Range, Lamar and Hayden Valleys, and Lake Area. Your private tour includes lunch along with round-trip transportation from select area lodgings.

$260 Outdoor Activities

Yellowstone Lower Loop Full-Day Tour

Our day begins as we head north from Jackson, WY towards Yellowstone National Park, passing through Grand Teton on the way. A couple of photo ops as we pass through Grand Teton, but mostly heading directly towards Yellowstone’s south entrance, of course stopping for a photo with the Yellowstone sign.Generally our first major stop will be at Upper Geyser Basin, or the Old Faithful area. The old faithful geyser will erupt every ninety minutes and we will make a point of witnessing the eruption. Given the timing of our arrival we may have time for a short boardwalk stroll to view some of the other thermal features in the basin. In addition to Old Faithful there are numerous other fantastic geysers that will erupt with less certainty and frequency, which we may also have the good fortune to witness, including: Beehive, Castle, The Lion Group, Sawmill, Grand, Daisy,and more.In addition to the numerous thermal features the history buffs will also enjoy a visit to the Old Faithful Inn, (in season) arguably one of the most magnificent National Park Lodges in existence. We will venture north and most tours we will have the time to spot at least two more times for short and exciting boardwalks excursions. Everyone enjoys stopping at both the Midway Geyser Basin, and Fountain Paint pots-both truly fantastic thermal collections unto themselves. I will not ruin the surprise but such features as the Grand Prismatic Spring, Clepsydra Geyser, Excelsior Geyser crater, and the Fountain Paint Pots are just a few of the features we will visit while walking on the boardwalks.Early afternoon we are arriving at lunch stop, usually Fountain Flats, or beyond.. A great, fresh picnic spread provided by us including Boars Head turkey, ham, lettuce, onion, tomato, avocado (freshly prepped on site) chips and salsa, fruit, cookies for dessert, condiments, etc.After lunch we will spend some time in the vehicle as we make our way north around the loop with our next real major stop being the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. Some points of interest along the way will include: Firehole Canyon drive, Madison River, Gibbon River Falls, Elk Park, Virginia Cascades, etc. We will spend some time at the Canyon Area with the main draw being the Upper and Lower Falls of the Yellowstone River, 109ft, and 308 feet tall respectively. Also the beauty of the Canyon itself is not to be missed.We try to be heading south by about 3:30pm with still some ground to cover. Heading south from the Canyon Area we will pass through Hayden Valley, Mud Volcano, Yellowstone Lake, and West Thumb. This will complete our lower loop as we head back towards Jackson from there, usually arriving back in Jackson between 6:30 and 7:30 pm.

$175 Water Sports

Day Paddle on Yellowstone Lake

Your kayaking tour begins at the marina at Grant Village on Yellowstone Lake. After a brief introduction to the area and to the kayaking equipment, your guide leads you around the shoreline to the West Thumb Geyser Basin, where there are many geothermal features on land and underwater to explore from your kayak. Many of these geothermal features on the lake are not accessible by any other means. Continue to the remote Potts Geyser Basin, exploring this primitive section where there are no signs, no boardwalks, and, most importantly, no other people. Stop at a secluded beach for a picnic lunch provided by your guide, and then return to the marina the same way you came. Lunch is deli-style, with sandwiches, chips, fruit, and a cookie; specific dietary restrictions can be accommodated.Throughout your tour, look for animals that live in the park, from elk to eagles to otters.

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2 Hour Scenic Boat Tour

We offer 2 hour scenic boat tours of Bighorn Canyon located 60 miles east of Cody, Wyoming in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, which is the 3rd largest canyon in the United States.  Guests enjoy abundant wildlife viewing including getting up close and personal with the Canyon's namesake the bighorn sheep, wild mustangs all on a comfortable covered tour boat with padded seats.  Guests enjoy a narrated tour and learn the which is coupled with the rich and diverse history of the area presented in an eco-tour format.  Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area is home of the oldest trail in North America.  It's called the "Bad Pass Trail" and has been used by humans traversing the area for more than 11,000 years.  The geology and unique plants indigenous to the area are unique and only grow in this canyon.  It's an unforgettable tour that shouldn't be missed.

$285 Outdoor Activities

Yellowstone Lower Loop Tour

Get picked up by your guide bright and early at your lodging in the Jackson Hole/ Teton Village area. You’ll first stop for breakfast in town before heading out for a day of sightseeing. Traveling north to enter the Grand Teton National Park, you’ll want to keep an eye out to look for wildlife as you get information of the area and wildlife from an experienced guide. After passing through Grand Teton National Park, you’ll make your way to discover Yellowstone. Stop at Old Faithful for lunch and watch the geyser erupt. It’s perfect for all ages, especially those who want to know all there is to know about our National Parks. On this tour, transportation will be provided to and from your hotel in the Jackson Hole/Teton Village area. Each luxury, 12-passenger van has a center aisle, high roof, and elongated windows for excellent wildlife viewing. You’ll be provided with binoculars, spotting scopes, and history/wildlife resource materials. After working your way around the lower loop, you’ll return to the Jackson area at your hotel. Please note: it’s recommended that you bring: camera, sunglasses, and extra layers of clothing.