Much of Wyoming is the essence of the Great Plains, a vast and empty land of windswept plains and sagebrush hills baking under brooding blue skies. What towns do exist are steeped in history and infused with pioneer grit. This is Oregon Trail and outlaw country, and the current inhabitants are content to keep this chunk of the West wild. Cody or Laramie offer a taste of the living past, while Jackson and Lander serve as the advanced outposts of the New West revolution.

But the country's least populated state is also home to some of its most dramatic mountains, most diverse wildlife and most unique geology. From the unspoiled Snowy Range near Laramie to the granite wilderness of the Wind River Range behind Lander, the peaks only become more impressive as you travel across Wyoming toward the archetypal – and truly grand – Teton Range, to say nothing of Yellowstone, one of the most beautiful places in America's Lower 48.

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