Mozambican new metical (Mtc)

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Cultural in Ibo Island

Kueto Siriwala

Since 1773 Ibo has celebrated Kueto Siriwala (meaning 'don't forget your roots'), one of the best festivals in northern Mozambique. Marking the date the island was made capital of Cabo Delgado province,...

Cultural in Macaneta Beach

Gwaza Muthini

Each year Marracuene fills up with visitors commemorating those who died resisting colonial rule in the 1895 Battle of Marracuene. At the heart of the festivities is the killing of a hippo from the Nkomati River...

Cultural in Maputo

Marrabenta Festival

To hear marrabenta – Mozambique’s national music – at its best, don’t miss the annual Marrabenta Festival. It’s held mostly in Maputo but also takes place in Beira, Inhambane and several other locations. The...

Cultural in Maputo

Festival Azgo

This Maputo-based extravaganza has become Mozambique's largest arts and culture festival, featuring artists from Mozambique as well as elsewhere in the region.

Cultural in Bilene

Feast of São Martinho

During colonial days, Bilene was known as São Martinho, and the saint's feast day is still celebrated, often with processions, singing and dancing in the upper part of town away from the beach.