Top Choice Museum in Beirut

National Museum of Beirut

Located on the former Green Line, this is Beirut's major cultural institution and is an essential stop for all visitors to the city. Its impressive, magnificently displayed collection of archaeological artefacts off…
Museum in Beirut

AUB Museum

The AUB Museum, was founded in 1868 and is one of the oldest in the Middle East. On permanent display is its collection of Lebanese and Middle Eastern artefacts including weapons, tools, flints, figurines, pottery a…
Museum in Beirut

Cilicia Museum

The gorgeous collection of Armenian religious and cultural artefacts at the Cilicia Museum is one of Beirut's best-kept secrets. And secrets play a major role in the history of this museum, as most of the collection…
Museum in Beirut

Planet Discovery

One of the more educationally stimulating activities on offer can be found at Planet Discovery, an interactive science museum especially designed for three- to 15-year-olds. Adults will be unable to resist the soap …
Gallery in Beirut

Beirut Art Center

Dedicated to contemporary local and international art, the centre hosts exhibitions in a diverse range of media including painting, sculpture, photography, architecture and drawing. It’s in the industrial zone off C…
Chapel in Beirut


Church in Beirut

St George Greek Orthodox Cathedral

This church in the Place d’Étoile was built in 1767, and is one of the oldest buildings in the city. In 1975, during the civil war, a bomb fell here and unearthed the ruins of a Byzantine church. Now open as a museu…
Gallery in Beirut

Agial Art Gallery

Close to the AUB, this is a shopfront gallery that specialises in showcasing the work of local artists.
Mosque in Beirut

Al-Omari Mosque

Built in the 12th century as the Church of John the Baptist of the Knights Hospitaller, this attractive building was converted by the Mamluks into a mosque in 1291. It was the city's central Sunni mosque until const…
University in Beirut

American University of Beirut (AUB)

One of the Middle East’s most prestigious and expensive universities, the AUB was founded in 1866 by American Protestant missionary Daniel Bliss. Spread over 28 tree-filled hectares, it is a true oasis in the heart …