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$66 Day Trips & Excursions

Dunn's River Falls and Ocho Rios Shopping Tour from Runaway Bay

Your friendly, professional tour guide will meet you at your Runaway Bay hotel where you will board a clean, air-conditioned bus. While on the bus you will hear tons of information about the beautiful island of Jamaica. Now you are off on your trip to Ocho Rios traveling eastwards on the north coast which boasts miles of breathtaking coastline. Feel free to engage your tour guide during the trip!Once in Ocho Rios, the bus will head to the first stop at the famous Dunn's River Falls where you will meet your waterfall guide. Your fall guide, is very knowledgeable and will assist all passengers during the journey up the falls. During the 1 hour and 30 minute hike your guide will help you negotiate the curves and make safe steps approximately 600 feet up the cascading waterfalls. Be prepared to splash around in the mini pools along the way!After an electrifying experience at Dunn's River Falls you will be taken for a brief Ocho Rios highlights tour where you can enjoy hassle-free shopping for souvenirs, rums, coffee, t-Shirts, and more! After shopping you will be taken to Scotchies Outdoor Garden Restaurant for lunch (additional cost). Enrich your taste buds with an authentic Jamaican jerk lunch! After lunch your bus will transport you back to your Runaway Bay hotel.

$59.40 Day Trips & Excursions

Blue Hole, Secret Falls, and Ocho Rios Tour from Runaway Bay

Meet your friendly and professional tour guide int he lobby of your Runaway Bay hotel. Once you board the clean, air-conditioned bus you will travel east towards the north coast until you reach Ocho Rios. Along the way, your guide will give you loads of information about the beautiful island of Jamaica. You will be in awe as you look at the breathtaking coastline. There will be rest stops along the way.After the scenic drive you will head to Blue Hole and Secret Falls just in time to meet your waterfalls knowledgeable guide who will be your best friend for the next two hours until the end of the activity. Unspoiled, the Blue Hole oasis offers an array natural beauty and fun. Take in the gorgeous bright blue water in the natural mineral pool surrounded by lush, tropical rainforest. Have a blast jumping off the edge into the deep pool, swinging on Tarzan ropes, or swimming up under the caves. Then, there will be a 5-minute hike through the woods to the amazing Secret Falls where can allow the cascading waters to hug you while you take amazing photo shots. After an electrifying experience at the waterfalls you will be taken to do hassle-free shopping in Ocho Rios. Search for souvenirs, rums, coffee, T-shirts and more! Once your shopping is complete, you will be taken to lunch at Scotchies Outdoor Garden Restaurant. Enjoy an authentic Jamaican jerk chicken and pork lunch for an additional cost.After lunch you will be transported back to your Runaway Bay hotel.

$95 Day Trips & Excursions

Green Grotto Caves Excursion from Ocho Rios

The tour begins at pick up from the lobby your Ocho Rios hotel or at the Ocho Rios cruise port. From there you will journey along the coastal highway to Discovery Bay where the Green Grotto Caves are situated on 64 acres (25.9 hectares) of beautiful Jamaican land. The Caves are located between the resort centers of Ocho Rios and Montego Bay with Discovery Bay to the west and Runaway Bay to the east.The central feature of this natural attraction is the large labyrinthine limestone cave with its numerous rock formations, its stalactites, stalagmites and abundance of overhead ceiling pockets. Your guide will explain the rich history of the caves, telling the story of the people who have used the caves for various purposes over the years. The discovery of cave paintings, tools and fragments of pottery indicate that the original inhabitants of the caves were the Taino Indians who would have used the caves for shelter. The next known inhabitants were the Spanish who, at the time of the British invasion of Jamaica (1655), hid in the caves to avoid capture. There is an underground tunnel which links the caves to the sand at Runaway bay. It is believed that the Spanish used the tunnel in their attempt escape the Island and flee to Cuba. Runaway slaves have also used the caves to hide from their former masters. During World War II, rum barrels were stored here for safe keeping by the Jamaican Government.Next we head into town to have lunch at a local Jamaican jerk restaurant for a bite of Jamaica's famous jerk chicken or pork and a sip of ice-cold Red Stripe beer. Other types of foods and drinks are available to meet all tastes including meals for children. (cost of meal not included).The excursion will finish up with shopping at one of the local craft markets where you can buy a gifts and souvenirs. After shopping you will be returned to your Ocho Rios hotel or cruise port.

$90 Outdoor Activities

Blue Hole and River Gully Rainforest Adventure Tour from Runaway Bay

The adventure begins when you board the "River Gully Express" which will pick you up at your Runaway Bay hotel or cruise terminal. Drive through the coastal town of Ocho Rios watching the locals as they go about their island way of life. Continue through the villages of White River and Exchange as you head towards a higher elevation. Start experiencing the rainforest of Calia Gully with a decent of a 100 feet to its bottom as the tour continues towards River Gully.Next, experience one of Jamaica's oldest hydroelectric plant. See how wood is used as pipes to carry water, including the "Black Pipe".After the hydroelectric plant, you will enter the "River Gully" rainforest where your adventure becomes epic as you come upon the famous Blue Hole, a natural mineral pool with rocky cliffs, waterfalls and bright, turquoise waters.The pool is surrounded by lush greenery and exotic tropical flowers. It is truly paradise! Enjoy swimming in the refreshing water or relaxing in the nearby rocks. For the adventurous, there is cliff jumping and underwater cave exploration. Cliff jumping is optional and those who do not participate can have just as much fun watching.Next, travel further into the rainforest to Hidden Beauty Rainforest Oasis to complete the tour.On the way back there will be a stop at a local craft market to shop for local souvenirs and a stop for lunch at one of the local Jerk restaurants. After lunch, you will travel back to your Runaway Bay hotel or cruise port.

$57 Cultural & Theme Tours

Kingston City Tour

You will travel via the north coast and then turn inland to enjoy the lush vegetation. During this wonderful Kingston Tour, you will have a chance to visit Spanish Town -the Old Capital 472 years old, now called Emancipation Square- & Kingston –the current capital and the largest English Speaking city in the Caribbean-.The tour also includes a visit to other important Kingston Highlights, like Beverley Hills, the Statue of Bob Marley, National Stadium, and National Arena & Emancipation Park, where you will have plenty of time to get to know the places and take pictures. You will also visit Devon House; one of Jamaica's most celebrated historical landmarks, to purchase tasty Jamaican Patties as well as Jamaica’s best Ice-Cream.  Enjoy strolling through Kingston’s one most elegant, surviving 19th century mansion, magnificently furnished 1860’s style, built by Jamaica’s first black millionaire, George Stiebel.And, at Bob Marley Museum (Optional), you will enjoy a 1 hour long tour where you’ll take a concise look at the life of the Reggae Super Star. Plus, if you want to go shopping (Optional), you will be taken to Sovereign Mall, a modern shopping center.* Explore Jamaica's capital.* Drive through the old Spanish Town.* Access to Bob Marley's Museum.

$127.48 Private & Custom Tours

Runaway Bay to Rio Bueno River Adventure with Boat Ride

Your friendly and professional guide will meet you in the lobby of your Runaway Bay hotel and get you prepared for an electrifying day. The ride to the Rio Bueno River takes you along the north coast and before you know it you are there! As you enter the meeting area, you are greeted by one of the friendly tour guides who will do your orientation. After checking in and putting on your safety gear, you will follow your guide across the Irie Bridge and along the jungle trail, leading you to the river launch point. Select 2 activities to participate in from the 4 available activities.River Tubing With the river currents carrying you through the rainforest, you will sit back and relax while admiring the scenery of the surrounding landscape. Each lazy section of the river is followed by exciting class 2 rapids, where you can enjoy the faster pace of floating over splashing white water. There is a stop along the way for a chance to swim and try out the rope swing.Minimum age: 8 yearsMaximum weight: 260 poundsRiver RaftingWith 4-6 passengers in the raft you will use team work to make it down the rapids of the river while your guide steers the entire time. Navigate throuhg exciting class 1 and class 2 rapids and relax through some of the calmer spots. There will be stops so that you can swim in the cool water or swing from the rope swing.Minimum age: 5 yearsMaximum weight: 280 poundsRiver Kayaking Paddle downstream as you and a partner kayak through class 2 rapids and scenic river pools. You will pass under an old stone bridge where the rapids decrease as the river flows into the Caribbean Sea. Minimum age: 12 yearsMaximum weight: 400 pounds per kayakWhite River BoardingPerfect for thrill-seekers who want to experience a unique way to navigate the river. Similar to a boogie board, your river board allows you to lie on your stomach as you surf down the class 2 rapids steering with your arms and legs. Half-way through the ride the group will stop for a break and a swim with the rope swing.Minimum age: 12 yearsMaximum weight: 280 pounds After your river adventure you will take a boat ride (weather permitting) into the Caribbean Sea. The ride takes you to a the private Bengal Beach where you will have lunch (additional cost), enjoy a refreshing drink and take a dip in sea. After about 1 hour at the beach, you will be taken back to your Runaway Bay hotel.