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If you want to see the nearby ruins at Takalik Abaj, Retalhuleu is a much better bet. If you get stuck here, there are a couple of places in the relatively quiet town center that will put you up.

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Volcano, Lake, Ruins Tour: Cerro Vede, Caotepeque, San Andres

During this full day combo tour, you will visit the main highlights of El Salvador: The Volcanoes, Lake and Mayan Sites of the country. First, visit the volcanoes and lakes of El Salvador. Cataloged as the “2nd 8th Wonder of the World for 2013″: the “Lake and Volcano Complex” in El Salvador is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the country as its bring together one of the most beautiful lakes in the world and a group of the most amazing volcanoes of El Salvador: The Izalco Volcano, The Santa Ana Volcano and Cerro Verde Volcano. Visit the Natural Protected Area of Cerro Verde and take a refreshing sightseeing tour through the eco trails of the park (45 minutes approximately). Cerro Verde is an inactive volcano located at an altitude of 2035 meters and length of 500 hectares of nature, it has a cloud forest in and around the crater with a temperature of between 12 and 18 degrees centigrade. From here you will enjoy panoramic views of Izalco Volcano better know as the “Lighthouse of the Pacific” because the boats were oriented with the red glow of the lava to reach the Acajutla port.The Santa Ana Volcano or “Ilamatepec Volcano” being the biggest volcano of the area, and the beauty of the nature in the surroundings of this National Park. It is a place where you will be surrounded by the wilderness or “dwarf forest”, where you can find pasture and some low-lying bushes, giant agaves, among others. The landscape is unique in Mesoamerica and it definitely worth the visit. Next, we will have a panoramic view of the volcanic lake "Coatepeque", cataloged amongst the most beautiful of the world. During the afternoon, discover this fascinating civilization through the visit of the “Joya de Ceren”: the famous archaeological site known as “The Pompeii of the Americas” and declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1993 for its valuable contribution to the daily life of the ancestors of the Mayan World. Then continue the tour and visit the ruins of “San Andrés”, a very important ceremonial and political center that has several structures used by the governors of that civilization. In this important sire, there are remains of an Indigo Mill that was buried by the eruption of El Playon in 1658. Definitely a whole different experience! What are you waiting for?

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Hike active Izalco volcano, one of the youngest in the world

The hike to Izalco volcano starts on Cerro Verde's visitors center. Here you'll find services such toilets, cafeteria and handcrafts.After few directions from park's authorities we start our hike which may be divided in 4 stages: • Stage 1: walk Cerro Verde down. Pleasant hike in the cloud forest along steps carved on the ground. Some occasional wild life may be spotted. The only concern may be the shock on the knees (please note it). • Stage 2: you get out abruptly from the forest just to face an enormous pile of rocks waiting to be walked to the top. The terrain is rough, with loose sharp rocks and massive basalt boulders. As you walk the trail becomes steeper and some steam coming beneath the rocks tells you're almost on the top! Once there, recover you're breath and circle the crater. On clear day you can watch the Pacific Ocean, Coatepeque lake and valleys, villages, mountain ranges and volcanic belts in El Salvador and Guatemala. • Stage 3: Walk Izalco down. Watch your step but don't forget to watch the different solidified lava flows that form the skirts of Izalco. Also watch up for any rolling stone. • Stage 4: Walk Cerro Verde up... al the way up because the near 1,500 steps you walked down earlier seem steeper. And they're steep but once you reach Cerro Verde's visitor center you can proudly say VINI, VIDI, VINCI. Note this hike is tougher than most of hiking destinations in El Salvador. Not for technical nor the elevation but for the slope which is very steep on both sides, Izalco and Cerro Verde. Hydration, adequate footwear and clothing, sun/rain protection and trekking poles are always recommended.Not suitable for people with breath diseases, asthma, heart, blood pressure or mobility problems.Following Park's Rules, all hikes must be joined by local guides and officers of Tourist Police branch trained and ready to respond on any case of accidents, evacuations, rescues and First AidDistance walked: 8 KmActual walking time: 3h 45mTop elevation: 2,019 mtLowest elevation: 1,627 mtTotal ascent: 691 mtTotal descent: 676 mtAt the end of the walk you'll have the reward and satisfactions of hiking 2 volcanoes in one day. Way to go!