Must-see attractions in City West & Charlottenburg

  • Statue of the Great Elector Frederick William of Brandenburg standing in grand courtyard of Charlottenburg Palace.

    Schloss Charlottenburg

    City West & Charlottenburg

    Charlottenburg Palace is one of Berlin's few sites that still reflect the one-time grandeur of the Hohenzollern clan, which ruled the region from 1415 to…

  • Zoo Berlin, Zoo

    Zoo Berlin

    City West & Charlottenburg

    Berlin's zoo holds a triple record as Germany's oldest (since 1844), most species-rich and most popular animal park. Top billing at the moment goes to a…

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    Schloss Charlottenburg - Neuer Flügel

    City West & Charlottenburg

    The palace’s most beautiful rooms are the flamboyant private chambers of Frederick the Great, designed in 1746 by the period's star architect Georg…

  • Museum Berggruen

    Museum Berggruen

    City West & Charlottenburg

    Classic modern art is the ammo of this delightful museum where Picasso is especially well represented, with paintings, drawings and sculptures from all…

  • C/O Berlin, Gallery

    C/O Berlin

    City West & Charlottenburg

    Founded in 2000, C/O Berlin is the capital's most respected private, nonprofit exhibition centre for international photography and is based at the iconic…

  • Schloss Charlottenburg – Altes Schloss

    City West & Charlottenburg

    Fronted by Andreas Schlüter’s equestrian statue of the Great Elector (1699), the baroque living quarters of Friedrich I and Sophie-Charlotte are an…

  • Schlossgarten Charlottenburg

    City West & Charlottenburg

    The expansive park behind Schloss Charlottenburg is part formal French, part unruly English and all picturesque playground. Hidden among the shady paths,…

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    City West & Charlottenburg

    Allied bombing in 1943 left only the husk of the west tower of this once magnificent neo-Romanesque church standing. Now an antiwar memorial, it stands…

  • Museum fur Fotografie Museum

    Museum für Fotografie

    City West & Charlottenburg

    A former Prussian officers' casino now showcases the artistic legacy of Helmut Newton (1920–2004), the Berlin-born enfant terrible of fashion and…

  • Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg Museum

    Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg

    City West & Charlottenburg

    This smart gallery is a treasure trove for aficionados of surrealism, a fantastical art form that peaked in the 1920s. It introduces works by the main…

  • Brohan Museum Museum

    Bröhan Museum

    City West & Charlottenburg

    This lovely museum trains the spotlight on applied arts from the late 19th century until the outbreak of WWII. Pride of place goes to the art nouveau…

  • Belvedere

    Schloss Charlottenburg - Belvedere

    City West & Charlottenburg

    The late-rococo Belvedere palace, with its distinctive cupola, makes an elegant setting for the world's largest collection of porcelain masterpieces by…

  • Neuer Pavillion

    Schloss Charlottenburg - Neuer Pavillon

    City West & Charlottenburg

    Returning from a trip to Italy, Friedrich Wilhelm III (r 1797–1848) commissioned Karl Friedrich Schinkel to design this petite summer refuge modelled on a…

  • Mausoleum

    Schloss Charlottenburg - Mausoleum

    City West & Charlottenburg

    In the palace garden, west of the carp pond, the temple-like Mausoleum (1810) was conceived as the final resting place of Queen Luise, and twice expanded…

  • Aquarium Berlin Entrance

    Berlin Aquarium

    City West & Charlottenburg

    Three floors of exotic fish, amphibians and reptiles await at this endearingly old-fashioned aquarium with its darkened halls and glowing tanks. Some of…

  • Käthe-Kollwitz-Museum

    City West & Charlottenburg

    Käthe Kollwitz (1867–1945) was a famous early-20th-century artist whose social and political awareness lent a tortured power to her lithographs, graphics,…

  • Kurfürstendamm

    City West & Charlottenburg

    The 3.5km Kurfürstendamm is a ribbon of commerce that began as a bridle path to the royal hunting lodge in the Grunewald forest. In the early 1870s, Otto…

  • Story of Berlin

    City West & Charlottenburg

    This engaging museum breaks 800 years of Berlin history into bite-size chunks that are easy to swallow but substantial enough to be satisfying. Each room…

  • Europa Center, Shopping


    City West & Charlottenburg

    The 103m-high Europa-Center shopping mall was Berlin’s first 'skyscraper' at its 1965 opening, the giant Mercedes star spinning on its rooftop a symbol of…

  • Berlin Zoo Elephant Gate Entrance Berlin Zoo

    Zoo Berlin Elephant Gate Entrance

    City West & Charlottenburg

    Two life-size elephant sculptures flanking a pagoda roof made of red wood, golden ornaments and green glazed tiles offer an exotic welcome to Berlin's…

  • Amerika Haus

    City West & Charlottenburg

    The Amerika Haus was a United States–sponsored cultural and information centre with a library, cinema and exhibition spaces. Designed by Bruno Grimmek, it…

  • Mahnmal am Breitscheidplatz

    City West & Charlottenburg

    This simple memorial honours the victims of the terror attack of 19 December 2016, when an Islamist asylum seeker drove into a crowd at the Christmas…

  • Das Verborgene Museum

    City West & Charlottenburg

    Instigated in 1986 by a feminist artist and an art historian, this pint-size nonprofit museum has a unique focus: to exhibit the works of women artists…

  • Abguss-Sammlung Antiker Plastik Berlin

    City West & Charlottenburg

    If you are a fan of antique sculpture or simply enjoy looking at naked guys with missing noses or other body protrusions, make this small collection a…

  • Weltbrunnen

    City West & Charlottenburg

    Everyone from foot-sore tourists to buskers and skateboarding teens gathers around the quirky Weltbrunnen, a 1983 creation of local artist Joachim…