Schlossgarten Charlottenburg

City West & Charlottenburg

The expansive park behind Schloss Charlottenburg is part formal French, part unruly English and all picturesque playground. Hidden among the shady paths, flower beds, lawns, mature trees and carp pond are two smaller royal buildings, the sombre Mausoleum and the dainty Belvedere. It’s a lovely place for strolling, jogging or lazing on a sunny day.

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1. Schloss Charlottenburg

0.12 MILES

Charlottenburg Palace is one of Berlin's few sites that still reflect the one-time grandeur of the Hohenzollern clan, which ruled the region from 1415 to…

4. Schloss Charlottenburg - Neuer Pavillon

0.16 MILES

Returning from a trip to Italy, Friedrich Wilhelm III (r 1797–1848) commissioned Karl Friedrich Schinkel to design this petite summer refuge modelled on a…

5. Schloss Charlottenburg - Mausoleum

0.21 MILES

In the palace garden, west of the carp pond, the temple-like Mausoleum (1810) was conceived as the final resting place of Queen Luise, and twice expanded…

6. Museum Berggruen

0.24 MILES

Classic modern art is the ammo of this delightful museum where Picasso is especially well represented, with paintings, drawings and sculptures from all…

8. Sammlung Scharf-Gerstenberg

0.26 MILES

This smart gallery is a treasure trove for aficionados of surrealism, a fantastical art form that peaked in the 1920s. It introduces works by the main…