Topographie des Terrors, Museum

Topographie des Terrors

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In the spot where the most feared institutions of Nazi Germany (including the Gestapo headquarters and the SS central command) once stood, this compelling exhibit chronicles the stages of terror and persecution, puts a face on the perpetrators and details the impact these brutal institutions had on all of Europe.

Begin in the main building where you can examine a model of the grounds in the foyer and get an introduction to the key perpetrators before learning about Hitler’s rise to power and Nazi ideology. Scan the QR code at the entrance to follow a free, one-hour audio tour (available in 22 languages) on your smartphone or borrow a free audio guide.

A second exhibit outside, along an original section of the Berlin Wall, focuses on how life changed for Berlin and its people after the Nazis made it their center of political power. There’s also a self-guided tour of the grounds that takes you past 15 information stations and provides insights into the history of the site.


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